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I went to the institute today to pay the fees. They said the next waitlist will be declared in another 1 or 2 days... So there is still some seats to be filled yet..

The installment fee can be in the form of a cheque too provided it dosent bounce:D

Waitlisted guys can cheer .. They have started getting call letters.. One of my friends with WL number 14 has already got it..Keep your fingers crossed. Waiting to see u all

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from where did the govvvernment arrive at this number 27% ?? And total reservation 49.5 % .. does the government want to portray that General cateogary students still hold a majority in the admitted candidates.. damn silly..

The govt tasted victory at last .. But still some parties are not content with the verdict that its going to exclude the creamy layer that includes the MP's and MLA's.what else do they want??y'day in a TV channel discussion 2 MP's just could not answer the ques put forward by the reader and just kept repeating the same silly facts again and again..Its not just Vote Bank politics..there is more to it with more than 200 MP's in the cateogary..

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Any guesses on the next constitutional amendment law ?? I feel it wud be a 30% quota for BC candidates next year followed by reservations in final placements as well.. LOL

PS:No offence meant

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HI all

I also got through in PGDM with 2.5 years IT exp . I wud say joining IFMR is much better than going for an IT job . And if u r planning to go for finance then IFMR must be the best chioce as they have the best faculty .


I had my interview at IMAGE office at Chennai

GD Topic : Are villages strengths or Weakness of Countries .

Coming to PI part I was asked to explain something about me that is not present in the form.(I guess they have asked almost all ques in the form itself)

I have a work Ex of 2.5 years . But was not asked anything on my Work Ex(not even a single ques!!!!! ). Most of the ques were on UG course (Wonder if there r any extra electives on core subj ) . GOD only knows as to y they asked a Thermal Engg subject to an Electrical Engineering guy . And puys dont rely on subjects that u have filled up in your forms as your favouirite .I was not asked even 1 ques from those . Perhaps they r trying to figure out whether u know something in the sub that u hated in college.

Any idea how many candidates BIM has shortlisted for GDPI ? The cut off %ile is high. Does that mean it has called only few??

sb29 Says
Can anyone tell me where the college is? How far is it from chennai central station? Are there hotels in the vicinity?

The college is around 6-7 km from Chennai Central. Its in the heart of the city. Hence if u opt for a hotel accomadation there it might not suit your budget.You can go for cheaper hotels that are a little away from the college .I dont think commutation would be a problem .

IIM's do carry the brand image. Its true that u have an edge over others if u study in the IIM's . That will surely help you in getting placed with the best companies.You will certainly command respect from your friends and the public. But thereafter its just your hardwork and determination that will see u throgh the rest of your carreer.
I would like to quote my own example. I did my engg in one od the premier institutes and got placed in an IT company . But while in job I realized that my college of study no longer held any value as such in shaping my career.Many people who graduated from colleges having little fame seemed to move ahead due to their commitment and hard work at workplace . Therefore I feel your advancement in your career solely depends on how u perofrm at your workplace .
If someone is too desperate to get into the IIM's and confident to crack it the following year he can very well go ahead.But he should bear in mind that the competition is increasing every year.The number of applicants to any college is also increasing every year.Add to that the risk of giving the most unpredictable exam in which you r not even aware of the format of the paper. In one of the threads I came across a post about a person who converted an IIM K call last year but refrained from joining it since her aim was IIM A.This year unluckily she could just get 90%ile . All her dreams were shattered instantaneously.
I feel studying in any of the top 15 or top 20 institutes is itself something to cheer about . And it might be worth studying there rather than aiming to get into a higher ranked institute the following year. Definitely a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush.
PS: Everything given above is fully my opinion. Anyone who opposes it are free to give theirs.

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