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hey ashwini,

Mr. MML thanks

it was all my fault.

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Hey Ramanujan,

I had a chat with the chairperson of PGPIM and he said that this year, the PGPIM course will 'tentatively' start by mid July or beginning of August!! Though nothing is official as yet.

for pgpm and HR they have given the date of start, but for IM they have not disclosed..
i m not getting why diff strategy for IM..
any idea when they upload or disclose the start date..
beginning of august is too late..
so only 6-6.5 month intially @ mdi ..

let's see what is going to happen..

hey MML ,
congrats ...
Mr. sinister best of luck .. BTW i don't think that u'll need help of luck..
u people are just rocking ...

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when will the PGPIM batch start.
pgpm and hr are starting on 16th june..

what happened last year.
all three started together or ??

after much reserach on PGPIM, i have decided to join it.
i am in cofirmed list and submitted the draft for first installment.
though there are some risk associated, there are plenty of opportunities...

from any B-school what we expect??

1. Brand image
2. Course content
3. Value Addition/ exposure
4. Placement.

in first 3 things no debate at all.
all discussions so far is on 4th point..
even if there are some uncertainities in it, first 3 points bring it to great heights..
it all depends on person's attitude neither prob with institute MDI/escp nor with course pgpim.
if u see pessimistically u'll see day 0 issue/what if no inter in europe/ 2-3 lakh extra.
if u see optimistically u'll see internship in london/paris, oppertunity to be placed in europe

and after all its not the first campus job , but ur qualities matters most.
so dear frnds focus on first 3 points instead of 4th.
i m not saying its not important.
but some risks and uncertainties are just the opportunity cost of this course..

see u @ MDI.
thanks seniors specially MML for clarifications..
MDI will provide a platform now how u'll take it ,its ur duty.


some problems associted with IM

1. internship problem : still 3 out of 14 in paris got internship offer (seems difficult to get)
2. what are final PPO/PPI or placement chances in europe.
3. day 0 scenario in MDI (still doubtful)
4. PGPM seats get almost doubled (so PGPM guys again raise voice against IM)
5. what they focus in internship in europe.
6. can seniors please name some finance companies in which seniors got finally placed...
bcoz GS/JPMC/ICICI were day0 morning slot companies...so they were missed

BTW thanks a ton seniors for reply...


i have just talked to sbi gurgan manager

1. upto 10 L no collateral/security
2. 12-13 lakh loan is possible but then we need to submit security.

Hi frn..
the total cost will surely come arnd to b 12-13 lacs.. yaar i have taken a loan of 12 lac from SBI but i was bit foolish.. n mine was at a big interest rate probably arnd 13%... but i m sure u can arrange at a better rate..
yes u av to arrange for 3 lac on ur own.. hmm.. parents or ur own savings... but wot i can tell u is u will surely recover 2 to 3 lacs investment in ur internship... thts not an issue.. but yes initially u will to arrange this sum...
sorry i cant help u much with it... i will request other IM guys to answer this query....

so you have taken a loan of 12 L
is any collateral need for that or simply they give.
is there any way to assure that i'll get the loan of 12 L, before joining MDI,

anyone has the contact no of manager SBI gurgaon..

thanks a ton
I am a PGIM student in Paris campus.
I took a loan of Rs10 Lakh from SBI ggn. SBI has increased the loan limit,without collateral,from 7.5 to 10 Lakh for MDI students coz to fees hike for PGPM course. You will need additional 2 - 2.5 lakh rupees in Paris(this may vary depending on how much of Europe you want to explore)
But the positive side is that during the internship you will earn enough to sustain your stay here and save around 40-60K per month. This translated into Rs 2.5-3.5 lakh for a 6month internship. So effectively your fees is 9-10.
Hope your doubts are answered
Vikas Sharma

1. we can easily avail a loan upto 10 L : without collateral
2. is it possible to take a loan of 12-13 L : then what r the requirement(security /margin ?)
3. how tough is getting internship there in finance companies.