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Hi hemant,
You are correct on your part, but Amit is also correct on his part. You both have your own perceptions. But the way you wrote in your post was depicting like that you don't want people to join SICSR for MSc-CA. Although you might did not men that. No offense and Peace.

Secondly, if the topic has been started, MBA-IT and MSc-CA are both different courses altogether. One can never be able to compare about both courses because each course has its own significance.
If any one wants a view on both the courses then please do reply to the thread. I would love to enlighten about both the courses because i am here presently and know all the hidden facts about both the courses.

Every one has knowledge, we need to respect it.

Please enlighten us about both the courses Sir
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Paid the fees. Anyone else here who has confirmed their seat for MSc. ?

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Seniors could you help regarding hostel accommodation...
Is it twin sharing or 3 sharing or 4 sharing.
Are rules strict in hostel?
what is the estimated fees?
What facilities does hostel provide?

And for PG what is estimates cost for food and room rent per month?
Which is nearby and with good furnishing facilities.

THIS LINK ANSWERS ONE OF UR QUERIES. RULES : http://siu.edu.in/students/pdf/Hostel_rules_and_regulations.pdf
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1. Which all companies have been coming to the college specifically fr the MSc students and what is the designation/profile they recruit for.

2. I saw in the curriculum that there is an industrial training in the 4th semester. The students have to search for companies fr internship by themselves or the college helps them out. If so, which all companies are the students interned at?

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I had applied for both the the courses. I got selected only for MSc. If I pay the fees for Msc now, would my name be cancelled from the MBA waiting list?

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the placement scenario is not at all bad and only 8-10 students are left for placement till now which is very much satisfactory.the average package is 5.5 and highest around 8.5.the placement of the student depends upon alot of factors but alot depends on you.
Companies are coming to the campus and it depends on the batch and you how to get those calls converted.
And we are here for helping you so kindly please don't take the suggestions in any offensive or rude manner.

Could u pls let me know about MSc placements as well. (Highest Salary, Lowest Salary, No of ppl placed etc)
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M selected in open category at rank 2...n m nt joining
So 4 d ppl in waitlist, der is a definite movement 4m my side:clap:

I think der shud b a poll for ppl joining and nt joining.
Will help d waitlist ppl understand their chances
And v will cum 2 noe hw many ppl are definitely not joining...

thnks bro!! u just made my waiting list number from 122 to 121 !! :cheers:
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am working with wipro technologies... my package now is 3.25 and after 2months it will be 3.5lakhs...
would you advice me to join...?
Please help me... Ur suggestions will decide my future.... :)

Dont join. This would give an opportunity to the candidates in the waiting list .
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Some queries :

1) Scenario is, say all seats are filled and fees paid after a month or so of 2nd, 3rd or so on waiting lists( valid for all categories ). Now later if someone does away with his admission before the commencement of the program , in that case how are the waitlisted candidates informed about the same ?

2) Is their any last date before one needs to withdraw his/her admission ?

3) How much money gets deducted if someone decides to let go his candidature after paying the first installment ? How much say in case of SICSR out of 2,16,000/- ?

Please do answer all of the above.


Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research I think this link would clear out ur query.
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Congrats to all those who got selected in the first list..

Vardhman Joshi
SICSR 11 - 13

Any chances of getting selected for MBA 122 Waiting list??
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