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RoderickSpode Says
I got the mail at 21:54 PM yesterday.

so i guess the wait is futile now, those who are selected have got the mails yester-night only. so congrats to all who got selected.... rest like me, lets move on guys the journey ends here
Hi Puys!

I am in :D

I was interviewed on Feb3 in Hyderabad, the first batch on that day. I am currently working in Bangalore.

I have 3.7 years of experience in IT. Bangalore puys who got selected can PM me.

ATB to all the puys who are still awaiting mails from ICICI.

when you got the mail? is it today?
Yes Theja,
Obviously sumthing is going on.They are verifying data.
Please try to understand puys nobody from chennai(All 23 who have given interview) did not get calls for anything till now , no blood relatives call , no email id confirmation call.
Noone from Pune n Delhi got call today who are in PG.Even I confirmed with some Interviwees who are not in PG, they also did not get any call.
At least I am not thinking like you as nobody got calls in chennai.

In ur center if sumbody got call then it is tension for your center guys who ever r thinking negative.

I asked ICICI guy whether my name is there in wat ever list he have , from which he is calling , then he confirmed that my name is there but I will not get any call as details are correct for me.(Just confirmed before 2 hrs on 70 number)

this is the one hell of an informative post of the whole day... great job Amit
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kalimsiddiqui Says
They will call you only if you have filled your supplementary form by hand or e-mail is not clear. Other wise don't expect a call.

meri hand-writing motiyon jaise hai shayad tabhi call nahi kiya
kalimsiddiqui Says
Delhi is there last priority....if you remember BMAT, result was declared for Delhi in the last!! Reason number of people appeared at Delhi was higher than any where else.

yeah.. may be hum dhilliwalon ko fursat se kal call karenge what say
anupamkamal Says
firse hope jaga rahe ho ;P

Hope is a good thing, and no good thing ever dies--- Shawshank Redemption
monalhasti Says
Let's dude..I haven't gt any calls even as routine so wat else should I think then

i haven't got the call too, lagta hai Delhi walon ko call nahi kiya hai...
shekhar301 Says
Still didnt receive any call,my application ID is IB00204416 .....

me too.. no calls

Called up the icici helpline number
1.When will the results be declared
A- After 10 days
Q- is it positive
A- Yes
Q- heard of some people getting calls from icici regarding verification of email and phone numbers. is it a routine call
A- Yes, we are just verifying the things
Q- Is it for everybody or for some selected few, coz a few of us haven't got any such calls
A- It is for all, you might be getting it soon as well.

Lets see if all of us get any such calls till tomorrow, otherwise be wise

Please see wat I have written above , out of 23 guys selected from chennai Only 2 people are in PG, nobody never got any call.I just confirmed with everybody.
Its about confidence , nothing.
I am 100% confident about my selection.
And if not selected then I am 100% confident that I will forget it within one day.

yarr, i too was confident that i might make it to the last.. but this "calls" thing it makes you think WHY FEW.... unless there is something for them...