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Dont jump to conclusions dude!! Be positive.. It ain't helping others too :(

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Mind is thinking of unlimited possiblities please results come!!!

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Du-ude!! 750 is AWSM. For me, ISB scores over IIMs for 2 reasons: 1 yr program and International exposure (Lot of int students apply, faculty visits from Kellogg,Wharton etc, exchange programs etc.) Do some more research before you decide to give up on ISB

With your CAT scores, you could get calls from some of the new-er IIMs, though I am not an expert on this..and even I'd like to know why work ex points are like a bell curve for IIMs...Maybe seniors can throw some light?

And PS, the irony is as a result of being a typical Indian applicant. We are a cursed lot!

Dude, Work ex are bell curves only after you join any IIMs. If it is as such, why does IIM B prefers work ex people? Why there are separate AR rating weightage given in IIM A's shortlisting criteria? Every IIM has given a separate weightage for Work ex. Dont worry about the process. Just go for it!
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Yeah man.. i am selected in the 4th list...

I have been selected for PGP only.. i havent applied for ABM!

Hi... u have beenselected in the 4th list ??

u have been selected for PGP.. or ABM ???
Which category??
Anyone from the OBC category got the mail?

I am from OBC category..

Guys.. Feeling elated..
Got a mail from IIM Lucknow.. Got the offer..
Was about to join IIM Trichy
Now i got to buy a laptop and a blazer.....
book ticket... etc., etc.,

Guys. Pls help me out. No post has reached my home yet. Also the link is not working. I want to get the details about DD and the address to send it. Also any forms to be filled? if yes, pls can anyone share it with me?

Converted!!! Now all the Four new IIMs convert!!!!

Was getting restless after B and L reject. But had faith in the RRRT interviewer's words " we need more guys like you"!!! Completely elated at the moment.

Now starts a problem of plenty.. Ranchi was my preferred choice initially.. now being from TN, am getting inclined to Trichy.... Hope to make decision before sunday!


Problem of plenty... IIM Ranchi, rohtak and now Trichy. Being from tamilnadu, now its difficult to make decision!
Am thru!!!!

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First convert of this season....


Still IIM I pending....

Decide later on... Thanks puys...

And congrats for all those who have converted!:cheerio: