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Anyone who wishes to keep up with IIM Indore EPGP should visit this link - Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More

This is the official page of the EPGP @ IIM Indore.

If you would like to request for a change from VC (ISDN) based to VC (SKYPE/GTALK) based, please click 'Thank!' on this post. That way, we can send a link to the adcom to let them know how many people are interested in this option.



I guess there is a decent enough representation of overseas candidates. I am wondering if we can somehow convince IIM I to conduct interviews over Skype/Gtalk and not over ISDN lines. I've searched locally here for a ISDN web conference available during IST, but haven't found anything.

dmathur Says
@rajatc : Did you have any discussion with adcom regarding the video conferencing interview? I am also in same situation. located in rhodeisland USA right now.

All she said was that there is NO Skype. So I'm hoping someone like AFM will be able to help us here on how students past have done it over Video Conferencing.
If anyone is in touch with the current batch of IIMI EPGP students, please check with them and let us know.
... I am in US too and they have agreed to do a video-conference for my interview.
Don't worry.. just send them an email. They will definitely agree for the video conferencing.

Hey NKR,
How do you propose to get an ISDN line for the interview? I am not sure how I will get one of those... :(

Any help from current or past students on how to go about this is highly appreciated.

I am in San Francisco, US.


Thanks for starting this thread...

Would it be possible for you to comment on the current trends in IIMI EPGP around recruitment, placements, Method of teaching, Quality of professors, quality of the course, etc. ?

As the course is conducted in Indore, are there any placement 'camps' hosted outside of the city in metros such as Delhi, Mumbai, et al?

How helpful do you consider the international module in view of the entire course? How has it changed the manner in which you view global businesses?

There isn't sufficient information available online about the course, and it seems the brochure lacks these details as well. It'll be really helpful if you can shed more light on the course, its strengths, weaknesses.



For all Aspirants to the EPGP program - last years' thread on PG is extremely insightful. Interesting discussions.

Hopefully we too will get some more participation from current students on life and times at IIM Indore for EPGP students.

Count me in!!

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no more emails. Just called and checked.

ATB to those who got interview invites!!
Hi All,

I am from Delhi and I have received an interview invite for Hyderabad today. The email states that this has been done due to the 'paucity of slots' in Delhi. Details of the interview dates and timings are yet to be confirmed.

I am really excited to visit the campus and meet the people there before deciding on ISB (in case I get selected). Anybody here in the same boat?


All slots in Delhi are over. Any new invites to Delhi candidates will be for HYD.

Ricky, do you mind sharing your profile?