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Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
Here we are, nearing the end of an MBA admission season hanging right in the middle of the second economic recession in five years. The crisis of 2009 assailed at the viability of the mass-produced MBAs of the country to

Considering the pathetic placements in IIM Lucknow this year it does seem unfair for XLRI to be placed below it. But surely the wider perception will change once the word is out.

Astha A @astha_a
_XLRI Jamshedpur (*Photo:* Anusheel Shrivastava)_ XLRI School of Business and Human Resources, Jamshedpur completed its final placement for the batch of 2012 last week. A total of 284 offers (including 52 late

Good show guys, Placements numbers seem to be rocking this year W8ing for reports on IIM placements now... ps: Have LIK placement process concluded? Have they also been good?

After sooo many days... rather weeks or months... :biggrin:

For you all who look forward to XL, here's the link to Bodhi Tree's YouTube Channel

YouTube - BodhiTreeXLBand's Channel

and here's the link to the latest performance by Bodhi Tree, during Ensemble 2009, XLRI's annual fest :cheers:

YouTube - BodhiTreeXLBand's Channel

(Video and Audio quality, both are bad as it was shot from a mobile camera :-()

Wow!!! BodhiTrees made new songs, tht is just awesome :)...miss the campus days more than ever now
Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
Final placements for the batch of 2010 at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow concluded with a total of 370 offers being made for the batch of 315. "The offers made include 41 Pre- Placement Offers (PPOs),

@IIML2010, I'm a XL 2008 pass out and a very old member of PG...trust me BM are comparable with non ABC IIMs if not better

IIM Calcutta and XLRI Jamshedpur - two premier known business schools in eastern India clash every year for a much-anticipated sports meet. Incidentally, that is also the time when the campus cultures at both these schools stoop to their lowest. Read the rest after you watch the video.

Click here to Download the video

This is a video of women students from IIM Calcutta 'welcoming' the XLRI Jamshedpur team.

If you're thinking that this happens in the heat of the competition, wait up. We're told by IIM Calcutta students, that the women students are formally coached by a stalwart from the second year in the skill of the most tasteless abusing months prior to the event. With a lot of glee, a few XLRI students and alumni tell us that they pay IIM Calcutta back in the same way. A search of Youtube.com reveals more examples of the high vocabulary passed on as 'culture' from second year students to first year students.

All of us at the PaGaLGuY office were appalled at the video. But we were aware that a lot of people will justify it using one or more of the following arguments.

"What is so shocking about it? Don't we see it everywhere these days? Movies, TV, what have you? Sab chalta hai yaar."

"You're shocked because it's women who're abusing. Had it been men you would be okay. You clearly believe in a male dominating society."

"Why don't you also look at the good things these institutes do? Just because they hurl abuses at mothers doesn't mean they're bad people."

We strongly felt that these arguments were heavily misplaced and speaks of complacency in a bar that has been set really low. We talked to a few students from both these institutes and came to one conclusion - B-schools with traditionally male-dominated batches have created large pockets of tasteless campus culture, which hasn't changed since the number of women increased.

In cases of videos such as this one, ordinary people from good backgrounds choose to let go of their poise to indulge in mindless crass behaviour just so that they can fit into something they can't change.

We spoke to IIM Calcutta's Dean of Programmes and Initiatives Prof Saibal Chattopadhyaya, who was concerned if the video was uploaded from IIM Calcutta servers. Asked if he was worried about what he saw in the video and had subsequent concerns about the campus culture within IIM Calcutta, he said, "I have to verify first if these students (in the video) are indeed ours but until then I can't say anything."

What we want to ask is, are we okay with our country's taxpayer-funded educational institutions being utilized this way? Can these campuses ever compete with Harvard and Oxfords of the world? Most importantly, is this the right thing and are you okay with what you see?

We don't think so, but we'd like to know your views. Feel free to post your comments below or on this thread.

lol!!! context my dear friend its all about context...this is XL-IIMC we are talking about and you need to be an jokar or xler to understand that this is just friendly banter and nobody gives a damn abt it b4 and after the meet...

All the women, culture, tax payer funded institute talk is just blowing things out of proportion and context..but it defnly does make for sensational reporting

anyway FYI...
1) No body forces the women to participate in the abusing...no serious does not happen.
2) IMHO xlri atleast has for a long time nvr been male dominated ;)
3) No it is not a male female thing as you try so hard to spin it. No sir no fish
4) Do you think such things dont happen during in Oxford-Cambridge boat race, Yale Harvard games???

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In goes the free-kick and the shot comes in...and it's IN!!! MILAN HAVE SCORED!! A goal in 50 seconds for Milan...
.... and it's all gone wrong in the first minute...a wretched wretched start for Liverpool....
Liverpool could be stretched again....as Crespo from close range has doubled Milan's lead...Liverpool nil...AC Milan 2...and this final is over!!
It could be 3-0 and it IS 3-0. Things going from bad to worse for Liverpool!! Milan are playing football that's out of this world. No one can live with this!!!!

A time for despondency, a time for despair. A time to mourn, a time to shed a tear. But also, a time to gird up one's loins, and put up a fight. A time to prove that the blood that flows in my veins is REALLY RED!! A time to wipe those tears dry, and proclaim to the world, that the fight has just begun.

I had thought that the day I lost the Students' Council elections by a solitary vote was a low point. I was dejected, disheartened, disillusioned, disgruntled, and any other conceivable adjectives that one can find in a reasonably good thesaurus. What hurt even more was people coming up to me and asking, "How could you lose?"

It was tough maintaining a plastic smile, and saying, "Ah, such things happen."

And today, not making it to SAPPHIRE, (the HR Association) feels worse than ever. I really like the work this society does, and I so desperately wanted to be a part of it. But apparently, they didn't think I'd add much value, and so I got the boot. There are another couple of committees I'd applied to, but I don't think I have the courage to face another rejection.

I was sitting on the terrace, despondent and close to tears, when Shubham dropped by. After listening to my tale he said, "So what!! You are a RED!! And I thought you guys never give up!"

That's true man!! RED is the colour that flows through me. And I won't give up. Like a true RED, I'll fight it out, and make sure that I win this! Losing small battles won't matter, once one wins the war.

...towards Gerrard!! Captain's goal! Still trying maybe, for the impossible to happen...
25 yards out....and IT'S IN!! IT'S IN!!! OOOOOO my word!!! Vladimir Smicer!!!! Miracles are possible... and do we have a game now!!
Step up Xabi Alonso, to equalise, yes EQUALISE for Liverpool! Misses, but takes the rebound...and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE is accomplished!!!
"Once a European Champion, always a European Champion!!"

Absolutely! As a real red, I don't have the right to give up. I'll live and get up, to fight another day. :thumbsup: Perhaps, as Dickens said, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

lol! some things never change...could not resist the urge to check the life at XL tread today after along, time....this is the only tread that I care about in PG nowadays ;), boy cliched as it sounds some things never change :)...btw sumit there used to be a committee that every one was welcome to join in my days it woz called FRAXI or something :p

ps: does anybody care or talk about JJJAXI anymore ???

Shreyas - Self Signout, dun't remember th company

Shreyas or Doc as we call him here is heading to Wockhardt hospitals
he also had an KPMG offer ??:
soumyajyoti Says
Wow!!! Great to Find some XL-r coming up with his comments....This has the potential to lighten up the discussions...hey phoenix put in your views about how awesome the meet was, otherwise the things are looking quite one sided....;)

Yeah the meet was a absolute cracker but for the fact that we lost the cup :(. Finally it boiled down to a few points here or there :satisfie:.

ps: u did well on the volley court mate, despite all our efforts

My friend said its about 50 students

I find the number 50 hard to believe...this forum is read by many many Students as well as aspirants, it would be irresponsible to make remarks such these if they were just rumors...

can some one from IIM L confirm this?

People, please refrain from attacking a premier institute in this manner. I seriously pray that the students of IIML have been placed, and wish the batch there the very best of luck.


Having said that, the fact that the report claimed that the placements were completed whilst they were not is an illuminating tale...the power of free speech
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