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FMS gave call entirely base on score...so dont wry 'bt you grades ryt now and study hard.

Once again I start with : relax guys :)

Ppl, yaad rakho that it is FMS that we are talking about. Without broaching any comparisons with other b-schools, I can safely assure you that FMS hasn't ever, nor would ever have any problems in placing its students.

Believe me, Laterals or No laterals would not make such an impact as you all seem to fear. Let's take it from the company's perspective, would it matter to them? No, it won't. Hence, it won't affect u either.

We aren't worried about it, so you don't need to :)

Sushant Bahadur

Thnx Sushant for your speedy reply...:)
Bt job profile do matter wen it come to laterals not only sal figures..as far as i kno...its not 'bt placing all d students..how can nybdy contest on this regard...we r talking 'bt FMS
So s'd we consider your wrds as confirmation of this news...:)
hi all,
as per my sources in FMS, this time there is going to be a big change .Dean mamkoottam announced in annual academic calender that from this year onwards there'll not be a separate Lateral placement for work ex. ppl. all the students have to compete for job in 5 days .(it means more fight for job coz in IIMs & IITs they have dedicated almost 2 month for Work ex. ppl) i have copy of concerned document with me.
i cant post it here coz public forum etiquette .
but for your own reference ,you can ask the copy from any of your friend in FMS.
as far as authenticity of news is concern i have already concern this with 4 seniors they all are unhappy with this decision of Dean.

seniors plz clarify whether it is for session 2009-2011 only or for coming batch as well .

Watttt..:shocked: No Lateral Placement....Seniors plz confirm this..Monk can u pls send that doc to me...mail id i sent u thru PM...
Asa kyse kr skte ho yaar..
kunwarm Says
why waitlist movement is very slow for ms in obc.????... even in general category also. Going by past trend where general category got cleared till 62 ....is it going to be tough this year for both the categories???

abtak_56 Says
Yeah!!! It looks as if ms gen waitlist wont even cross 40!!!

My feeling is this yr no. of common calls are less due to CAT Fiasco..there are less BLACKIS call this yr compare to last yr...tat is y WL movement is slw..ATB
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Yeeppiiii...Finally I'm IN MBA(MS)....Dream come true...:) Congos to all and ATB for waitlisted guys..
Delhi chalo abhiyaan safal raha :D
FMS here I come.....;-)

Called dem once again and asked abt d movement in general ft category...he said dat it is xpected to go upto 21 dis tym....
Congrats to all d converts and for waitlisted ppl like me....d wait continues....

i called rt nw ..they said chk tomorrow morning...:(
talktoalok Says
any update regarding the third list?

They will send mails by 4PM today --Source Google group

there are many..latest is Badmash Company

wen i received the questionaire...evn i was shocked.....so i called admissions office ....
i told the lady tat i have the info tat there is no reservation....so is it like i gt the questionaire by mistake or wat??
n her response was ...who told u tat there is no reservation??....its just tat we dont have 15 percent figure..!!~
BTW..it ws really unbelievable fr me..!!

Shocked !!!!:shock::shock::shock::shock::shock:
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Bekararrr....frm Pathshala

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