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Cs ....
well...to put it in as few lines as possible,

I was just viewing this thread on "how to get rid of Depression"

I think the poor guy needs a dose of CS.It's just too good, I av seen ppl ,who dun like handling PC's gettin addicted to the computer all bcoz, they can get a headshot even on the best ones..

and P.S

Snipe rulez

Calvin and hobbes is just too good..

I love that one in which he nails the whole table and when his mom comes and asks what he is doing.. he replies"Is this a trick question?"

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Add me to the list too....

Just writin this, is leavin a feel-good sensation..
I hope I can help in some way.

a bit late... but I guess thts ok..for a newbie

so merry xmas to all ye eager beavers...

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thinkin of bad luck... cant imagine y of all days I chose this fateful day to become active in this forum. The very day, wen a meeting is there, an well.. almost the same time, u guys r gonna b there... well, bad luck's leechin all around.. anyway next time, count me in...I hope

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T'was a few of my ol'friends tellin how gr8 this site is an I am just gettin hooked on to it.