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As India positions itself into a knowledge center for Information Technology, Finance, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Media and Energy, a new breed of professionals are in demand. Diligence, problem solving, strategic t

hmmm...wonderfully written and aptly described...

I would suggest TIME. Coz I have been thru the IMS experience

I think there is not much diffrnce between the two (It usually depends on the centre and the faculty as well).. and TIME has more mock CATs and is cheaper as well ..

I agree with your point of View..it is just Faculty and Student mix that is differentiator in all coahing classes.however I dont know which one is the best Branch in Hyd to prepare for CAT/GMAT ???:puppydog:

Any inputs ???
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Hi guys,

Hope you can answer my questions and enlighten me....

1) which institue (IMS,TIME) good for CAT/GMAT study ??? is there something that offers coaching for both courses together ???

2) which branch(Kukatpally,Ameerpet) is having cream students and best mix of peers and faculties...

I would need brush up from scratch and seems I can devout time to classroom learning...Please show me the way out...


Hi Guys, Can u ppl tell me which coaching is the best to join in for classroom in Hyd?.. Time or IMS? also wat are their fees and any other info which u would like to share..

Any input on which Institue is best for CAT and GMAT combined ? I m wondering if it is good to join IMS Pro for preparation of both courses. Also please let me know which city branch is good for CAT/GMAT Classes ? Kukatpally/Ameerpet ????
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