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IIFT D (14-16)
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what next..i mean payment and all

delhi !!!

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  • @busar005 sir u will XL. 14 Mar '14.
  • @burnett : bina bulaye :disappointed: Dhake mar ke nika.... 14 Mar '14.
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@busar005 sir u will XL
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@burnett : bina bulaye Dhake mar ke nikal denge
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Arunava Ray @arunavaray
Can anyone help me with lodging in jamshedpur? My interview is on the 23rd, 9 AM.
Rai @rai20

is it like the course of actions in XAT dm section? @dreambegins

XAT percentile: 99.97* BM INTERVIEW* GMAT Score(If applicable): NA GK score: 10.00 Interview Centre: Hotel Parkland,Delhi Educational Profile X: 92 mp state board XII:73 mp state board Undergrad Major - GPA/%age: 68.4% Any other professional certification or course undertaken: Work profi...
Rai @rai20
@atishsharma did you type out the form question answers? or handwritten? what are most candidates doing?
Kiran BabyJoseph @kirali
I am very apprehensive of being the first to post the GD-PI experience, but what the hell? Here it goes: Date: 3rd Feb, 2013. Time: 8:50 AM. Venue: The Pride, Chennai. Essay topic: Will tax reforms increase savings? Essay performance: Meh :embarrased: GD Topic: Can sportspersons be g...
Raakesh R @raakesh88
*How many natural numbers less than 25 have a composite number of factors?*
Rai @rai20

6 8 10 12 14 15 18 20 21 22 24

Raakesh R @raakesh88
*How many natural numbers less than 25 have a composite number of factors?*
Dev Dave @Devanki
sin A/1-cos A = ? cosec A+ cot A sin A+tan A sec A +cot A cosec^2 A+ cot ^2 A
Rai @rai20

1/(1-cosa)/sina = 1/(cosec - cot) = (cosec+cot)/cosec^2-cot^2)= cosec +cot
(since cosec^2- cot^2=1 )