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well though the figure of 125 has been mentioned i feel that mdi cannot bring out a list of 200 for just 115 seats...(ofcourse the scenario of a 450 list for 240 seats is slightly different because of the range of percentiles involved).......so I FEEL that the number of seats left is more....

some info from last year-
1st list - 303
2nd list - 200
3rd list - 90

we had lists till waitlist cleared upto 380 odd......
im hoping for the sake of all us still waitlisted that this eerily similar pattern is followed (waitlist movement) and all of us get thru!!

Are you sure bout this info?

What could be a reasonable estimate of the waitlist clearance this time around keeping in mind that the buffer calls were greater than the last year.
hey puys mdi's home page is updated bt the there's some problem with the list
i cann't see that clearly

Please cut copy paste the entire list in word and select font as ariel.

That should help!!!!!
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I am forfeited my admission in IMT Finance, today. Hope it this piece of info helps.:banghead:

I ll be going to SIBM pune.


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Anyone with info on last years waitlist?

What was the last number to convert.

I am at 369, is the end of the game for me?

Anticipating a reply.



I have converted the PGDBM Finance call, my first preference.

98.59% and nearly 2 years of decent work exp. Got to know online.

I have one question which I want to put up, My other admit is in SIBM. Which college should I join for the Finance.


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Hi guys, me still thinking between SIBM and SCMHRD.

Looked for answers on net and from students there. Got no conclusive answers. Even further pissed by the fact that the students there perceive the competing college to be equally good. So i have realised if even the students studying there dont have a clear idea of the better of the two.

But what the heck i think i ll go for SIBM.

With gods grace, I have converted my second call.

Please advise between SIBM and SCMHRD. Had a good GD and PI was limited only to my roots and my knowledge about it. Didnt ask me bout my work ex. (I am consultant), didnt think i ll get through; but then life is a cake ain't it?

I wanna be a finance guy. It this helps, for the decision between SIBM and SCMHRD.

Hi guys, firstly i appreciate the the way you are dealing with our queries.

I have three questions:
1. At 98.59 above 90 in all three sections what are my chances?

2. When will the GD/PI list come?

3. I m deeply interested in finance, is IMI a good choice, or SIBM and SCMHRD (have calls there)? Honest opinion anyone?