Guys... Exam hall tickets are out... Hope the studying gears are in the top slot with Nitro boost on!!!

ATB to all... And yeah Happy Diwali and a prosperous new year!!!
Finally a relief!!! changed the centre to mumbai... Puys if you have noticed... exams are exactly 100 days from today!!!!:shocked:

ATB for the prep...
I want to apply for CFA L1 December 2011 exam.Until last year by June itself India used to get centers as we can see in the CFA L1 2010 thread of PG.Therefore I was waiting for India to get a center this year too.But the second deadline is approaching fast (24th August) but,India still doesn't have any center.

Dunno what to do

Actually the Court's approval is very much delayed... For last yr Dec'10 L1 exam, it got approved in April'10 and for June'11 exam the same was approved in end of Jan'11... I have already registered for Dec'11 exam with colombo as the centre... Fingers crossed for approval to conduct the exams in India!!!
Historically, the news regarding Indian centre availability comes 2 mnths b4 the exams.... Nevertheless no news yet... keep ur eyes and ears open to all news!!!
can someone please tell the exact amount those bank people charged for level 1 fee payed before 1st deadline. Citiank charged me some 2000 extra as service charges and all.. is it the same with everyone???
originally it was 1055$ at around 45.2 exchange rate... but the bill shows RS 49525.

i applied on 14th March and was charged by Stan chart Credit card for Rs. 47056 (@3.5% mark up price) so works out to be almost same...
So why is the thread so silent nowadays.... are ppl busy with Studies or THE WC Effect....

neways ppl pls throw around ideas for a schedule....
Hi to all!

Good enthusiasm here.

How to use TI BA2 Plus Calculator - please provide any input.

Normally when u buy TI BA2 calc. u will get a user manual with examples of how to use it...

ranjeet_1975 Says
Please mail me the curriculum of the CFA Level I provided by CFA Institute

Please see the link for info: Candidate Body of Knowledge Topical Outline
hey puys....
I am on for Dec'11 exam. just wanted to ask if anyone has got the print curriculum from CFAI.... if yes can u pls tell how voluminous it is????
Hi, had a query regarding sending GMAT scores.... Is it ok if the scores reach the admission team after the deadline and completed application.... Since the gmac guys would take some time to send the official scores.... Answers are awaited urgently:)
6 March 2009 Update from CFA Institute

The hearing for the appeal by CFA Institute to resume holding CFA Program examinations in India began on 1 December 2008, and is continuing. The next hearing is scheduled for 19 March. Our legal team continues to make every effort to resolve this issue.
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