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Finally its after such a long time I am posting again

Congrats to all the call getters. Believe me GIM is the place you want to be in... I am feeling really jealous of you since you have a chance to be back here for two years n I have just few days left at this place..

For those who didnt get the call, dont feel discouraged it just one bad day.. Keep your focus. Best of luck



Sherry has already answered the first part of your question. Regarding the second one. My XAT percentile was 97.46 perc.

Best of Luck


A person who does not have work-ex gets 0 out of 10 for not having work-ex. And, a person who has work-ex gets 0 out of 10 for academics, no matter how good his academics are. Is that what you mean, by any chance? Because that is the only way I can think of if you call it a 'level playing field'.

What was your percentile, if one may ask?
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Dear Piyush

Well the cutoff percentile last year for GIM was 90.01. The percentile is same for both work-ex and freshers.

There is a 10% weightage to work-ex in the final score (once you get a call for GD/PI). But to compensate Fresher's for the disadvantage, the college also gives 10% weightage to the academic performance..

So it always a level playing field.

Wishing you luck

P.S. I am also a fresher with no work-ex, so definately being a fresher is not a disadvantage

First of all i would like to thank to all the guys who take initiative for this thread.
I am piyush doing my graduation B.B.A 3yr.and will finish in may 2009.and i m also preparing for CAT,XAT,SNAP,MAT e.t.c.i would like to ask that i m nt having any work ex and i m giving XAT 2009.

I m filling out the form of GIM if i get the reqiure %ile i will be selected or not..means i dnt have work ex. so there is some chance that i will be selected beacuse they prefer work ex guys first...

plz help me out and i will be thankful to u...!!!

looks great already HEAT has started to build up.. Nitishk and Jha you doing a great work.. Thanx AJ for writing in this thread.. n Congrats for a nice event..

Somebody here had a query regarding sectionals.. Had a chat with Jenny yesterday.. The admission procedure till now remains the same as last year.. So no sectionals..

Happy Studying n Best of luck


Snape .. Maverick is back in GIM.. Give me a call incase u dont find any transport, will try to arrange something from college..

Now news from college:

Basanti season seems to have already started.. Cricket fever is high among janta staying here.. Matches are played regularly from 4:00pm onwards.. Since the junta in LH is very less we have to be very SELECTIVE with our shots coz ball going in LH would mean extra fixed costs of playing ...

Rest all great...

This is to all GIM aspirants referring to this thread...

Did you see this...

Thats the kind of support system do we have here in GIM. As we do not have any relative grading, even though there is competition, there is no "cutthroat"...which means we all live like family....and look out for each other.

Once we were faced with a huge list of questions and one of our very own puy cracked the whole set and multicasted it...saving tens of asses in one go.

I remember cracking and Multicasting solutions to a case whose solutions are nowhere to be found on google....

So even though I am least likely to get stuck...but I will be least bothered if I did, cos as Rahul has said, someone will definitely come and help me out...(aa jaana bhai)

Apart from the ususal themes of HEAVY WORKLOAD and ROCKING PARTIES at GIM....This is a hitherto unexplored facet of life at GIM....

Everyone looks out for everyone else. I have left stuff right from my books to my lappie around the college and the only thing I have ever lost is a soap!!!!

Cant wait to be there....


Sm1 PM me Maverick's number.....
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Dont worry... Some 1 will definately come to pick u up..


I am coming abck on 26th evening.

My train will reach Karmali at 7 oclock, 26th Sep.

Bhai Rahul, I want a favour from you yaar...

ask some biker seniors to be my back up plan in case I get marooned at Karmali. Things shut down by 7 30 in Goa...kahin transport nahi mila toh tum logon ka hi sahara hai bhai!!!!

I am soooo looking forward to enjoying GIM campus without assignments and submissions down my throat!!!!

Mazzaa ayega...

Do din ki chaandni...phir andhera term!!!!

Some News from College

Our (PGP-2) exams are over.. and still some submisssions to go.. :huh:While I write this, I have just finished writing my Banking term paper.. But still B2B and StratMan submissions are left (Gosh Submissions dont leave u in term break also..!!! :huh:)

Most of our batch has gone home and there are some 40 odd people staying back in campus (or should I say SLEEPING in campus)... We generally sleep during the day and leave for the KILL once the sun sets ..

40 odd people hanging out together .. Fidalgo is having a real tough time ... and so is INOX.. Sher-e-Punjab... Nh-17.. Anushka.. Such n Such and the list goes on and on and on..

Jaggus these days closes at around 9 and opens around 11 in the morning...Well even Jaggu has gone home...(Finally Prakash and Balak Ram got some holidays).. But somehow during the lunch time they have a new market - the Belgians..The brand Jaggus seems to be famous there also .. Mess remains deserted and I think it may also be closed because most of the people are eating out these days..

Tommorow the plan is to watch "Wednesday".. INOX people are going to make some good business tommorow..

@ Jha: Maverick is in Mumbai.. He has got a list of stuff to be bought and make sure you assist him.. Otherwise you know the punishment and the venue.. :happy:


Definately dude.. Wish you luck..

I want to make one statement here and I will stand by it till this world remains.. GIM is the most unbiased college in India.. You are totally chosen on the basis of your merit and skill-sets.. We dont have any reservations (except for Goan Domicile, for whom the cutoff is reduced by 10 perc) or any management seats...

At GIM its all fair and honest.. We are very transparent in our processes and dont worry.. Being an HR majors isnt considered bad here.. :happy:

Thanks a lot Rahul..actually i got a call in 2005..but cudnt convert..the prof was from XLRI and he just screwed me royally...and I got a feeling that probably he felt my placement chances were less..hence was just wondering if GIM prefers guys who wanna major in HR or not :)

But thanks for all the info..am definitely gonna apply..if I make it..will hug you once am there..lol :P

thanks and regards
Pig :D

well snape nice reply...

bt u forgot the Single Seaters...;) .. there are some 6-7 single seater rooms also.. bt generally they are occupied by the senior batch..


The rooms are 2 seater or 3 seater depending upon the size of the room.

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The placement for HR (infact for all streams) is very good... You name the HR profile you are looking for and we will have some one placed in that particular profile. This year our first PPO came for a Corporate HR profile from TATA Motors. If you want further details please have a look at last year's placement brochure


The cut off is decided over the XAT score. Last year's cut off was 90.01 perc. Work-ex guys have a advantage only once they clear the initial XAT cutoff. Work-ex has a weightage of 10% in the total score for canditature..

I dont have the exact figures of last year students who specialised in HR. but the number must be definately around 20.. In our batch i.e. 2009 batch again around 25 students are specialising in HR. and another 25 have HR as their minors..

Here I would also like to point out that GIM doesnt have the concept of specialisation. We follow an ELECTIVE system, where students are allowed to take credits from any discipline (say Marketing, HR, Systems, General Mgmt, Finance and Operations) subject to a max cap in the 2nd year.

Hi Akshay,

Thanks for the initiative..
I am a B.E in electronics from Utkal Univ with 3+ yrs of exp as a manpower consultant for software companies..I am interested only in HR and I have a few queries.

1)I wanted to know about the placement scene for HR guys in GIM..the companies,profiles on offer and the salary range..

2)I also wanted to know how is the cutoff decided? do the work ex guys have any advantage there? i mean is it a little lower for them? :P

3) WRT the batch which just passed..how many guys had done their specialization in HR?