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Hi All,

I am a student of Pune university. we have to select a specialization in the second year. alternatives are marketing, HRM, Production & materials, finance. ppl say that one shd take a specialization according to one's liking and nature. I don't know what really interests me? how shd I find out?


I am Rahul Srivastava of ISBR College chennai. To reply you question about how to select specialization?
This question is very much important and plays an important role in any one's career. I think you would have done any project or interns in 1st year. After you projects or interns what you felt you are good in numbers then go to finance or if you fell the you are more towards public relation go to HR Or if you feel the you have more convincing skills go to marketing.

So by this you can decide your specialization easily.

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ISBR Chennai
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Hi Friends

I am Rahul Srivastava from Chennai. I am here for my friends to discuss about MBA. What is MBA and how we can find career through MBA .

Thank you