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Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
It is the last day of 2011 and we at PaGaLGuY are certain that you are in no mood to read any heavy stuff. We dont want placements and exam errors to come in the way of your New Year plans either. So, here is something t

is the scorecard of IIFT 2011 out?

Hi seniors

My college did not give marksheet for 3rd and final year...so I sent the print out of result.I also sent the provisional degree's Xerox copy.

will it be a problem?

I forgot to send the self addreser stickers too :banghead:

form no. 12007847

1. The Shawshank redemption (amazing to see so many puys having the same opinion)

2. Rehnaa hai terre Dil mein ...have seen it 40+ times....may watch it again agar ZEE cinemaa waale phir dikhaa denge.

3. A Wednesday


1. GOAL (JOHN abraham waali)...One of the worst movies i have seen.:banghead:


3. MILENGE MILENGE :banghead::banghead:

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one of my all time FAVOURITES

The ALCHEMIST by Paulo Coelho

Awe inspiring indeed... a must read :thumbsup:

most of puys would have already read

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e78kola Says
The first call of the season was getting around 45 to 47 but no negative in the sectionals.....still cant believe that i have got the call.....

Best of luck for GD/PI n Essay Writing :thumbsup:
Believe me you are not. Probably i am a little more depressed and hence am not being optimist right now.

2008 - IIFT - Didnt know this college exist
2009 - IIFT- First time iift exam. As far as i remember. missed by some 1 mark. According to discussions on testfunda and pagalguy
2010 - IIFT - Second attempt. As far as i remember. missed by some 0.5 mark. According to discussions on testfunda and pagalguy
2011 - IIFT - Attempted all the sections. Why? cause i thought that sectionals should be there. stupid right ? Still managed to score 42+ as per testfunda. only to realize that sectionals were not important to iift.

Anyways. This is the end to my iift journey atleast. I had decided this was my last time.

All the best to all who have got call.

am wid u buddy
holy shit man! if sectional scores are not considered, then having 6 sections doesnt make any sense.
i wasted my time trying to clear d cutoffs in all d 6 sections ; shouldnt have wasted time in GK and RC :banghead:


was getting 40 wid balanced sectionals ( 2.5+ in GK , 3.5+ in rest 5 sections)

still no call :banghead:

people wid negative marks in some sections getting a call

screw dis IIFT...den wat sense does having 6 sections make?
should have attempted QUANT+DI+VERBAL only :banghead:

anyways CONGRATS and ATB to all the CALL getters

Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
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the name prerana bhandari is attracting as much attention as POONAM PANDEY....everyone searching for the name in the lists after some wierd statements lol