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Nadal is goin great guns.....nw he hs gt Olympics gold in his kitty too.....n he proudly becomes the World No. 1.....

Hey ,

It would be great if u cud post ur queries on the google group (rather than posting on PG) formed for ur batch. We would be able to answer all ur queries in detail on that forum.


Thendral Says
hi missprint.. i m thendral from tamil nadu. if we need loan from sbi, should my parents stay with me till the process gets over?? when will it get over? then what sim would be suitable to buy?would airtel be ok or which would have cheapest rates?? then are office chairs available there??
divsm Says
the page still gives the info abt gd-pi for me.....so does that mean i m not in...plz ans

chk again in sum time....if u still get the same page...send me ur XAT ID ....i'll chk it....
abhicatblaster Says
I am waitlisted: 75. Seniors, any chance?

it will be a borderline case......wait n keep prayin...best of luck!!!
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hey Shyam sundar......dun wry....u'll surely make it to the final list.......

Yes...the XIMB results r out .....chk ur results at ... http://www.ximb.ac.in/start1/admres.php

best of luck!!!

Hey.........chk out the holi photographs....enjoy.....

The GD/PI's are starting from tomorrow.......The entire XIMB community wishes u All THE BEST .............Go n catch ur dreams....
U call dat a rebuttal !! :D

Here`s just a plain n simple reply ....
  1. This is'nt maxinations. - Did I even mention dat it is a part of Maxinations ??.. Akil , stop reading between the lines ( as is ur wont) :P
  2. No man's land is no women's land too....many of the species tend to stay around our block...so you win, we win - Uh Oh !! So sorry to say , ur block isn`t that alluring that many of us would like to hang around it. The presence is hedged across all the 4 Blocks, the main reason being - We need work in "Groups" with u guys , and for which (very thankfully!!) RMH rules don`t allow the presence of u creatures in our hallowed precincts.So, there ...
  3. "Goes from the sublime to the ridiculous" ....is my block...in the eyes of a RMH person who couldnt give a honest reply to the question posed and asked most other participants whether they were asking logical questions! - Uh Oh again ... who talks of "logic" here .. is it the resident of that very block which was indirectly taunted at by the very moderator Prof. Subhajyoti Ray for "trivialising the topic" ... U go into details Akil .. Ill go into finer ones ...:):D
  4. Name the year when RMH won Maxinations...? (doesnt exist ...so don't bother looking :smile: ) - There again he goes about Maxinations !! Akil .. u need to understand ..this discussion is about FullStop n not about Maxinations...
  5. Look up the years where the A-block won.... (its a long list..plz do) - I so wanna talk about the Inter-block Cricket matches ( and the results of the only match which the much-touted "Sports Block => A Block played in) ... but then unlike Akil I won`t deviate from the topic ..
  6. We're were the only block who cheered fer you ppl....and still you say this to us :smile: - Oh yeah ?? We were present in full force n neither did we ask for ur "cheers" , but then ...can we help it if ur loyalties lie with us
  7. Regarding the tees, we believe in striking the iron when its hot...not when its still in the mine ! ;P .. Yeah yeah ... we`re so waiting to cast our eyes on the design (if there is any , that is ) ;)
  8. We'll still have the last laugh. ... Yeah , I know .... Laughter is the best policy .. Only when u don`t have anything to say or nothin to show (read : results )
  9. RMH = Russi Modi hostel....realise that Russi Mody is a guy! .. We aren`t an ungrateful race u know !! We know how to pay tributes , irrespective of his/her gender ... Ever heard of Memorials ??
  10. You still are'nt a block! :!: - Very True.. Glad u admit it !! U are just a "Block" of the Men`s residence .. we are a complete hostel !! Hope u won`t argue the fact that Blocks make up a Hostel ... Hostel >> Block
Here are the Winners !! (Vandana n Neha from RMH)
Whew.... Hope the "reply" suffices :D
Cheerio :)

I am not an RMH resident, so obviously i can't faff as well as missprint and some of the " Winners" do. I just thought i wud clear sum of the points:

1) RMH has great talent, wonderful people but the sad part part is that it is still a hostel whereas our block( same with B,C,D and RM) is like a home to us . This is precisely the reason why one finds my beloved RMH friends looking for home in our blocks.

2) As for the tees, jst wait fr the rt. time. Anywaz, we dun need to wear the same t-shirts to prove that we are from the same block. Probably, u guys dun see each othr often enough to know ur hostel mates.

3) Plz do not talk abt sports. look at all college teams and u can figure out the reason behind A-block being THE SPORTS block. I believe u very conveniently forgot to mention the badminton tournament. Please chk the results ma'am.

4) Yes, we love to laugh coz we share great camaraderie in the block. Hope u guys also get to experience this feeling sumday.

5) Maxinations or no Maxinations, A-block(same wth B,C,D) junta will stand fr their block, whereas i hope for ur sake , this great "UNITY" n "Team Work" lasts atleast till maxinations.

i m sure u wud reply......

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Mahim Mehta Says
hi seniors, almost 16th and quite a lot of us here havn't received the letters yet .. wat do u suggest? should we call up the admissions office on monday ???

Please wait till this weekend for the call letters. In case u dun get the letters by then, please call the admissions office or send a mail to them.
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