• Ragil Ravindran
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What material are you guys using for phase 2 preparation? Please share the book names.

rose lily @Rosellily
Totally 1801 selected. Have i totalled it correctly? :smiley:

Guys what is the plan for Phase 2 preparation?

Deepak Jain @deejaygr8
Puys I am an MBA fresher, also completed CFA from ICFAI. I will most probably be joining as PO as i m hopeful of getting an allotment. Now my question is does qualifications like MBA and CFA help in future? can one get into treasury or investment banks in future? Since PO does general banking in ...
Ragil Ravindran @ragil

@smit0878 @deejaygr8 : Is it a good idea to give PO exam if you are an MBA. Do MBA's who clear PO exam get higher salary ?

sachin @Baavo
@dadaankur Congrats on making it in AO. Answers to your questions: 1\. Future growth is good, if you are in the right specialization which has vacancies in top management like (Legal, Marketing, Claims, HR, Finance and accounts etc.) 2\. Induction program is specific to individual company...
Ragil Ravindran @ragil

@Baavo   : What is the fullform of AO? sorry for the ignorance.

Hi, Is there a seperate thread for Public Sector Exams for MBAs only ?

Any idea when the admit card for phase 1 will be made available for download ?