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I just got a Nokia2100 with Hutch prepaid card.

BUT ... it's ain't working yet. Seems to be some problem....have to work it out. Then I sahll add my input about this Nokia piece.

BTW, How much time does it take for the SIM card to get activated?

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I can't afford to pay the interest ... instead, I shall squat down at the entrance of the Bank and try my luck with,...

"Baaba, is gareeb ko das bees hazaar points donate karde babaa...!"

PG bhai, where is the link that takes me to the entrance of the bank? Do I click on "Bank" and "stop" just before I enter?

All the best Neha,
and be the best!

Me leaving for Delhi tomorrow. Will miss all the action here for a while. I am taking my PC along, but no idea when I'll be able to get back.

No sad feelings here either (yet) - except for the back-breaking working of packing everything.

All the best everyone, and i mean everyone. All you CAT aspirants out there - if you've come THIS far (to PG.com) in your prep - you are only steps away from your dream,...just do it!

Best wishes once again , Byeeeeeeeee ............................ (I don't feel like stopping here) ................................

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and abt the guy who said u get click sound when u press the keys - u can change that in the settings to silent mode or tone sound mode instead....

I'm that guy :oops:

Isn't that sound due to the hard plasticky keys hitting the base or whatever? anyway, I thought so.

The only problems i have been hearing/reading against SE phones are:

1. Lack of clarity in voice/signal pick-up, and
2. Poor battery backup

can you confirm that T100 doesnt have any of these problems?

is it also possible that one particular piece (instance ) of a given make of cellphone might have these battery/signal related problems, while some other pieces of the same make&model; don't?

and Thanks for your input.
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At the time of the birth of twins, the average age of a couple was 24 years. When the twins attained the mother's age, the average age of the family of four was 35 years. What was the father's age when the twins attained the mothers age.

1) 23 Years
2) 62 Years
3) 48 Years
4) 52 years

Assume the mother is X years and the father is Y years old, when the twins were born.

(X+Y)/2 = 24 Years

After X years, [ (X+X) + (Y+X) + (X) + (x) ] / 4 = 35 years. (Redundant step)

Question: how much is (Y+X)?
Answer: 48 Years

Shreya told Lata "I am thrice as old as you were when I was as old as you are". Lata tells Shreya "The sum of our ages today is 80 years". After listening to them, Raman, the mathematician said " Shreya is ______ years elder to Lata"

15,18,16 and 12

Present ages are S and L years.

S = 3 [ L - (S-L) ]
S+L = 80 Years

Solving these gives ... S=48 and L=32

Question: How much is (S-L)?
Answer: 16 Years
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The links now seem to be working fine. Sorry for the trouble.


BTW, got any must-reads for management beginners?

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MindBlowing collection!

Thanks a GB mate!

(I tried, but was unable to download a few files from there. But that may be due to the poor connection I had...will try again.)

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bhars18 Says
Geometry is Easy?

It is, indeed

Consider the green triangle. The base is 5 units and height is 2 units. tan x = 2/5. The red triangle has 8 units base and 3 units height hence tan y = 3/8. Since the bases are parallel, and the angles are not equal, The given figure is not a triangle :). It is only our illusion that we take it to be a triangle.

Probably, Raghu will draw another wonderful figure taking these into coniderations and give us a better 'picture'


Yeah, thats right. I used the same reasoning - using slopes - to intially prove it for myself. But I found that I couldn't completely satisfy my friends with that explanation.

And YOU,....made me draw THIS: (refer to the attached image)

and Here goes my explanation:

You IMAGINE a triangle, shown by the thin black outline (hypotenuse).

On the other hand, ONLY the coloured parts P1, P2, P3 and P4 are present.

...which do not quite make up a triangle.

There is already a hole in the first picture - the difference between what you THINK the figure is, and what it REALLY IS.

(You may need to Zoom-in on the picture a bit to notice the white gap between the hypotenuse of YOUR triangle and the coloured parts.)

Now, in the second arrangement, the coloured parts overshoot the border thus giving space for a larger hole.

(See the coloured blocks extending beyond the hypotenuse?)

So to answer the question "Where does the hole come from?" in simpler terms, I would say ...

"You started with a distorted triangle with hypotenuse bent slightly inwards, and then distortded it again so that the hypotenuse is now slightly bent outwards. The area THUS gained is what accommodates the hole."
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bhars18 Says
x = 36 degrees

That is Option (iii)


Yeah, indeed. You were right straightaway.
After I posted that, I found my brain sitting on my desktop - right where I left it the previous night. That second post of mine was a just-in-time cover-up for the previous post (read oversight)

But what is true of the real CAT?..... are angles that are NOT supposed to be taken as RIGHT ANGLES, SHOWN deceptively as such? I don't (err...didn't) know.

P.S: But nothing can beat your image pal... That's really great :)


(But these kinda compliments may drive me to start posting even my text messages as graphics :shock: . I am addicted to graphic editors. :drinking: )
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Shoot your explanations ...
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