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mishraneha834 Says
Is it worth to leave jaipuria noida(got selected) n take jims(if selected)? will jaipuria refund fees acc. to AICTE rules? Is it any diff. B/w them expect fee difference? I know pagalguy doesnot allow comparision. but iam in gr8 confusion. kindly advice..I have to take a big decision.

If you look at ROI..I think JIMS is a good option,but Jaipuria isn't bad too.
Yes,any AICTE approved clg will refund you the fees deducting Rs 1000 if you apply for cancellation before commencement of classes.
Infra wise..Jaipuria Noida is better than JIMS.
Lastly..I'll suggest you to vist both clgs and have a good knowledge regarding both of them.ATB.
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Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
Here we are, nearing the end of an MBA admission season hanging right in the middle of the second economic recession in five years. The crisis of 2009 assailed at the viability of the mass-produced MBAs of the country to
Raghvendra Singh @raghav080

SIESCOM at 97???? Amity>>SDMIMD,SIESCOM,ITM,Christ??? Many of my frnds had said that PG rankings are not trustworthy..now I know the reason why??The game is simple...the more a collg has its students on PG,more they would vote for their collg and consequently higher will be its rankings!! DISAPPOINTED !!

bro i was writing in this thread even before giving the gd pi for fore so there is no point in ur statement... any body can give his/her opinion...and u know what jaipuria noida was my center for cat exam...so atleast i can say that jaipuria is lucky for me in that aspect:) and i have given the list of best colleges under mat and the rest is clearly understood.. all the best bro

You completely misinterpreted me bro..I was only saying that your efforts are remarkable even though you already belong to FORE :grin: Even I hate it when ppl start praising a collg beyond a limit it doesn't deserve.I have been selected for the Lko campus but I will still be unbiased towrds it or any other clg coz I am still not a part of it as I am awaiting other results.Hence I say it is certainly not the best option under MAT but not the worst either.:biggrin:

P.S.-Your list needs a serious recheck.BTW thx for the info. :)
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listen bro with the percentile that u have got u should think about these colleges...
1) siescom
2) itm navi mumbai
3) jims rohini
4) christ university
5) bimm(if they get aicte approval)
6) alliance
7) ms ramaiah
amity university
9) isbm nande
all the rest under mat are equally bad b schools...


Dude SIESCOM and Christ University are the best options under MAT.JIMS can be considered only due to ROI reasons(nothing else) Alliance,ITM and Amity are too costly considering the avg. package of 4.5L.ISBM is a decent collg and for me is at par with Jaipuria now(forget history) and MS Ramaiah is a bad option.And as you said in the last ..rest are equally bad(including or excluding Jaipuria??:))

P.S.-I saw in one of your post in which you mentioned you are selected in FORE...but still is here to help others out.Remarkable!!:thumbsup:
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sid21 Says
bro we never meant to "lambaste" you, we were just trying to correct you as you were misleading people.nobody is stopping you from expressing your opinion,but at least do that with some sensibility,by saying that a girl in your gd group said something and that become your opinion is not expected from anybody let alone managers.the whole discussion was about your misleading opinions and not about which b school is better.but its a free country and you can have whatever opinions,but if you are sharing plz be sensible,thats it:)

Pehli cheez main baccho se baat nhi krta!!!!:grin::grin: I was never talking to you anyway.And you would not even be the last person I would go to learn "sensibility" and "maturity"...I'd rather die!!

I was nevr here to degrade Amity.After all ..I too applied for it and converted it.Mujhe paise nhi mil rhe hain!!!:grin:
Misleading opinions?? kaun sa opinion dadaji!!:grin:Aap log yahan bol rhe hain Amity is MUCH MUCH better than BIMTECH and it is ranked in the top 20 in India ..is that not misleading a Newbie who might be here to have some serious info!!Ohh..but my mistake yeh to Amity ka thread hai:):) Go to any thread of BIMTECH,Symbiosis,LBS etc and say that you have an offer letter from both Amity and their collg.And just see what interesting replies you get from the seniors in those threads.Ohh ...this thread doesn't have any senior of Amity..may be that's the reason why you are such a brat.
P.S.- Learn to respect your seniors...it'll help you in the long run!!
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Man please don't compare amity noida with jaipuria.There used to be comparision between then them in 2008,now amity has grown and have become quite better than jaipuria and they are league apart now as far as their general mba for amity and pgdm for jaipuria is compared.Checkout pagalguy rankings you will consistantly find amity noida in it.Amity has now it's comparision with bimtech,ibs hyd,alliance bnglr,christ bnglr.Man you should do your homework about the institute.Anyways jaipuria is also a decent one,not bad.We didn't want to discourage you or make comments on u personally bro but u have brought this onto urself.Since u r nt interestd in becoming part of amity,i think let future amitians(mind it we r proud to be it's part) handle the queries of want to be future amitians.
All the best man!!..
All the best 4 scit!!

You seem the more mature and polished amongst all who just lambasted me.A great prospect as a future Manager:):) Again with all your stats ..I say it is your personal opinion.And forget Amity or Jaipuria..I'll not be discouraged even if I join an unknown college dude..coz the only experience which life has taught me is that ...It's not about the BIKE...it's about the RIDER !!!
Thanks for your warm wishes again:)I am feeling hot now:grin:
ATB to you for your future endeavours !!
ohhhh! yes my dear friend i too read all your post(because we "amitian" like to have some knowledge before we speak),so here we go again!!
1-NAAC is not compulsory for any institute,many top university dont have that,Japuria has it,good;you cant include NAAC accreditation as a reason of joining any institute.
2-as you have mentioned in one of your post that most bschool fakes their placement record,well amity and jaipuria also does that,so why are you contradicting your statement and trying to degrade amity only.
3-well about placements,as you said amity is better,BTW jaipuria has a avg arnd 3l and amity is b/w 4.5 and 5.5(marketing).ohh i forget you only said that why do people even talk about average placements right!,so lets keep that aside as no one can give exacts figure as we are going to sit for it after 2 years,but amity is growing and jaipuria is stationary for the past years.:)
4-Yes amity is expensive,and if fees is a issue then amity should not be considered,but its worth it with the amount of exposure you get and of course the infra......no comparison:)
5-you are right that batch size plays a crucial role,but your comments on this subject really makes me worried,bro amity used to take 1000 student before 2009,the current batch size is 250(yes lower than jaipuria),bro what are you doing? its your future,you have no basic knowledge about the institute you are applying for....
6-i told you before also dont believe in any individual blindly on what he says,you dont even know the profile of the student who is selected by amity without answering anything,pi is about confidence not GK(in tier 2 bschools) ,and as you wrote entry criteria is better for amity,so quality of students will be better at amity.:)
7- you yourself are confused first you apply for mba-ib,then SCIT(mba-it) then general mba at jaipuria,i seriously dont understand???
as you have incomplete knowledge you should not help other students.
and i have said this before,will say it again plz plz plz do some R&t; (research and thinking) before posting anything.:)

P.S-im not yet part of amity also waiting for other convert so dont think that im favoring amity just because im going there...:)
P.S.S -this post was not to retaliate,it was just to give a opinion and to correct you.all the best for SCIT:)

I know you are not retaliating bro and I have nevr tarnished the image of Amity in any of my previous post.(read all)Just sm1 came few pages ago and suggested that Amity is MUCH MUCH better than BIMTECH!! ARRE!! Zabardasti hai kya yaar:grin:If you are selected in any institute ...will you start degarding other prestigious institutes just becoz it is the thread of Amity!!! This was the only reason when I answered to that girl(guessing by the account name) aur fir tum logo ne drama shuru kar dia!!

And regarding my lack of knowledge and confusion ...well do I need to post my History and Geography about my academic background,personal opnion,public opinion and interest here first before posting any thing else:)I am an Engg. Graduate and being from a technical background opted for SCIT and not just bcoz I want admission in any clg of Symbiosis.Secondly, regarding Amity..yes I was not eligible for the MBA-Gen program coz of my score but I got to know that MBA-IB was equally good and these 2 branches were the backbone of Amity NOida.But I guess I should have told all these things before hand so that future Amitians don't get me wrong:)
And regarding the rise of Amity and fall of Jaipuria(or any other clg) well I would have said the same things if I were you and above all I am not here to advocate about any institute here.If you think Amity is better than Jaipuria or even BIMTECH or any other clg..its your opinion and its my opnion too if I think otherwise:)
P.S.-I am not comparing Amity with Jaipuria or any other clg!I am not a part of either. It's one of you who started doing it(plz be aware of the rules on PG before makink an account) and it was me who broke the myth!!
cat89 Says
hey wat kind of laptop amity provides? do v need to pay anything at d end of 2nd yr for d laptop? i hope v can keep it once d course is over:) n ya is d fee refundable if i withdraw admission?

If you are a gamer..SRRY they'll not be providing you Alienware:)The laptop would be a professional one with a decnt config.Regarding refund..if you withdraw your admission before the commencement of classes then 1000 will be deducted frm your 1st installment and the rest will be returned to you by September.That's what the lady told me on fone!:)
Naman sreen Says
Man i know with your score you were not able to apply to amity but don't mislead people about the university.I hope for the best for you..:).All the best man for future..:)..

My score is gud enough to have 10 calls from the admission cell of Amity University bro..so just chill!!Just PM me if you really want to know all the fine details of my offer letter.I will give you my Login on the Amity Microsite.After all I have been selected in the prestigious Amity University:):)THX for your warm wishes bro.Same to you.:):)
praveen.vizag Says
lol..i saw that too..:grin:..nd he is joining in Jaipuria lucknow(which take students with Mat cutoff of 60% and cat cutoff of 40%)...

Ohhh!! So you read that post of mine! GR888!!!
Now since you have started comparing cllgs which is prohibited on PG...here are some stats for you and your fellow Amitians :
*Jaipuria Lko and Noida campus are graded A by NAAC(hope you know the name:)) which is the highest grade given to a b-school.For eg. Symbiosis University is also accredited with A.
*Jaipuria Lko and Noida both have an avg. package of around 4L and their fees is 6L...comparing it 2 Amity which has an avg package of 4.5L(and not 6L as the clg claims) with a total cost hovering around 11L for the entire course.I don't need to say more wich is better in terms of ROI.
*Jaipuria has an intake of 300(which is constant) compared 2 the Amity intake of 900-1000(which is variable).I don't feel the need to explain how crucial the intake factor becomes when it comes to placements.
I didn't join a reputed collg in Hyderabad(I hope the Amitians are intelligent enough to guess:)) just for the same reason ..INTAKE.One of my fellow Engg. classmate has an 8 pointer(I hope you know how difficult it is:)) there and is still unplaced in his 2nd yr. just bcoz of the intense competition due to large batch size.
Finally I must say I have been selected for PGDM in Jaipuria and MBA-IB in Amity Noida(Any 1 having any doubt can PM me..I will reply with my Amity Microsite Login) and I found the former the better choice.Again this is a personal choice..so No Offence intended 2 the prestigious Amity University.
I must also tell now that I am currently WL ed in SCIT(hope the Amitians know the name:))although my chances are less to convert it but I am counting on my luck
And lastly for the cut-off thing..I admit it is 50+ for CAT and 70+ for MAT at Jaipuria.And for evry1's information..I met a guy in my group in GD/PI at Amity Noida who was there with a MAT score of 46%le and he had applied to some course called MBA-3 Continent.So plz stop hyping about the percentile thing.Any 85+ percentiler in CAT is not crazy to be considering Amity as his option when there are other reputed collgs to be taken with the same score.Now plzz for God's sake dont say that Amity is MUCH better than LBS,FORE,BIMTECH,DSM-DTU just bcoz yu are a future Amitian coz I'll burst..not in anger but in Laughter!!!!