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1) Not very sure of Education Aisle. But looking at Education Aisle's replies...you should be in safe hands especially in Verbal.
2) I don't believe that Princeton Review is giving 75 hours of coaching re-check...this seems impossible. Even if they do, do not join.
3) T.I.M.E and IMS are not really good for GMAT they well-known for CAT and IELTS respectively.

You can also try Jam.bo.ree, their materials are really good. They also have pretty good coaching.

Good to see some activity in my thread. And Thanks Neo2000 for quick action :)

Yes I am talking about Princeton Review Bangalore. Given the materials I don't see how Princeton Review else where should be different.

I was fortunate to get materials from my friend studying in an other coaching centre else I was sure to doom.

Hi All,
Does any one know of International Industrial MBA and associated prospects? I have around 8 years of Software development experience. I was wondering what would my future be like if did an International Industrial MBA.


Hi all,
I got 550 in my prep twice now Q40, V26. What I don't understand is I got 17 wrong in Quant and 17 wrong in Verbal too...but how come the scores are so different? I think this info should help me improve my score

Infact I got more questions in Quant wrong in a row than in Verbal


For those of you wanting to know if Princeton Review (Manya group) is good then the answer is NOT AT ALL. Infact at that cost you could buy all the great GMAT books and study at home. Trust me do not waste money like I did :banghead: at least not on Princeton Review.

Why did I like: I don't know may be the brand.
Why didn't I like:
1) Limited classes 5 quant and 7 verbal + 1 AWA. Quant was too fast for me, Verbal was just ok.
2) Limited meterial. Main source being OG only. I would definitely not consider OG alone sufficient.
3) No new tips or tricks taught...I would expect atleast some in depth analysis of concepts.

  • Hi Ashwin, Greetings from Manya Abroad - The Princeton R.... 03 Apr '14.
  • oh that is very disappointing. now what should i do? i am.... 01 Jul '14.
Manya-The Princeton Review @ThePrincetonReview   597

Hi Ashwin,

Greetings from Manya Abroad – The Princeton Review. We are deeply concerned that your experience with us has not been at par with your expectations.

We have a policy of zero-tolerance when it comes to customer dissatisfaction and therefore let us take this opportunity and arrive at a meaningful resolution.

Please share the nature of your grievance in detail and we will do our best to bring this matter to an objective resolution.

Best Regards

Manya Abroad – The Princeton Review

Puneet Jain @puneet.jain.524

oh that is very disappointing. now what should i do? i am about to take pr coaching classes. bt this post is really shocking. can anyone tell me about other coaching options available for gmat in jaipur, rajasthan or in delhi. thankyou.

hello All,
I have seen in the forum many people recommending Manhattan sentence correction. But I find Statergy guide much more simple...so would it be sufficient if I only read the Statergy guide?

Thanks again.

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