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hey is there any one who has alrdy submtd the form

i want to ask abt the "print" it possible to submit the form today nd take a printout will we be sent any separate mail with all the data we have fed ??
or do we have to take a printout immediately


thanxx a ton.......
nd 1 thing more.....i ll be going to DSE on thursday directly frm my what time do they accept the r there specific hours for public dealing like in all DU colleges

i m unable to see the DD details newhere on their website..........
i know its a 1700 rs draft......but in whos favour do we have to get it made....

plzz help

want to get the dd made today itself.......last date is too close.....

russian expressions

headscarf folded diagonally and tied under the chin

GULAG-(historical) In the former Soviet Union, an administered system of corrective labor camps and prisons.
  1. {FIGURATIVE} A coercive institution, or an oppressive environment.

literally "travelling companion"

  1. A Russian vehicle, either a wheeled carriage or a sleigh, drawn by three horses abreast.
  2. A Russian folk dance with 3 ppl, often one man and two women.

KULAK-Originally a prosperous Russian landed peasant in czarist Russia

KALASHNIKOV-Alternative name for the ak 47 rifle

hey....same here......i made the payment day before yesterday..... i received a run time error message instead of ne payment receipt..........and no mail received as yet
their contact no is unreachable ......i have sent a mail to admissions@mdi......

sum 1 plz answer my query

if we have uploaded our photograph online.......then it necessary to take a "coloured" print out..........or a black nd white 1 would do ?

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