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Hey Seniors,
Just wanted to know if we even get the 'original scorecard' through post?
I have received both the BM and HRM letters.
Should i expect my scorecard to arrive too?

Yes you do get a hard copy of your XAT Scorecard by post.
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Me too from KOLKATA ..... got my CALL LETTERS TODAY

BM: 5.3.12

HR: 20.3.12

VENUE: Jamshedpur

ONE THING FOR SENIORS: When will we be getting our XAT score cards????
I have other interviews where I'll be needing the XAT score card....

I don't remember when did we actually got our scorecards but I did took it to XIMB interview. In XL interview. no document is checked. So no need to worry. You will get the scorecard before your other interviews.

Well going by the thread name, I am not allowed to post (not a 99 %iler )

does the accuracy matter in XAT while allotting percentiles?
As in if 2 people have the same scores say 20 and 20 but the 1st person has greater no.of wrong answers, will they have the same percentile.thanks

As far as my knowledge goes, nothing of this sort happens. They will get the same %ile. But as XAT just gives just the %ile and not scores, I can't be sure. Well at this point in time, you shouldn't be thinking about percentiles and stuff. Try and give your best. And yes, knowing XAT as an exam, accuracy does take a you a long way.

What was the overall score in marks that one had to score in xat 2011 to get a call in xlri-bm and hrm?

Thanks in advance

No score was disclosed. Just the percentiles.
Pooji69 Says
nd wat about d essay.dis time its der or like last year i heard sumthing diff 4m essay was asked.pls sum1 who 's sure abt d pattern of XAT 2012 pls do elucidate.hearing diff patterns 4m diff sources.REPLY ANYBDY!!!!

Normally an essay comes but last time a quote came on which we had to give arguments with illustrations. Not many people had clue what to write (including me). Don't go with set expectations is what I would say.
Hey guys,
I took XAT 2011 n scored a total of 43.xx with sections as-quant-10,verbal-20,DM-13.xx
can anybody shed light on what kind f performance it is.n where i need to improve the most(since i obviously need to improve in all sections).thanks

Just to put things in perspective, my scores (actual) in XAT (expected- real scores are not disclosed) were not far from what you are saying. I hope that relieves some anxiety.
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RockrChic Says
??? those r my sectional scores(yes,THAT low) :(

Dont' worry about past results. XAT 2011 was very unpredictable. Don't lay much importance on its results. Focus on this year's exam and i'm sure you'll do well.
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Scaling? Don't get me wrong here but reminds me of 'Debt reprofiling', just a new term coined during these Euro crises.
Can u shed some light on scaling please.
Thanks in anticipation

scaling = normalization .. whatever you want to call it.
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ankitsonline Says
How come people are getting marks not in multiples of 3 despite no negative marking? Can the incumbents please throw some light on it? Am perplexed

That must be because of scaling. Same as last year.
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OptimusPrime909 Says
I have got QS 62, LS 60, LR 76, TOTAL 198. I am just looking for NMIMS Mumbai, and just General Mgmt. Please let me know my chances, else I'll go for a retake.

Going by last year trend, you must be close to your cutoff. If you think you can improve, I suggest you can afford a retake. I gave a retake last year and improved my score considerably. The point is that I goofed up a lot in the first attempt. So i knew i could improve. Just take a call dude...
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Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
The XLRI School of Business and Human Resources, Jamshedpur (XLRI) has decided to reduce cut-offs from the 90s to the 80s to attract a good mix of students. XLRI's Admissions Chairperson Soumendra Bagchi told PaGaLGuY th
Honeydeep Singh @rabbaCATkarade

Overall Cutoffs are a very funny thing. You can play with them in many ways (read sectional cutoffs and exam's difficulty level). That's what happened last year.