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I would refrain from commenting by comparing colleges as that is not allowed on PG ! However I would just copy paste one of my older posts:

I will give you reasons why me and many others in my batch chose IIM Ranchi :

1) IIM Calcutta faculty (which has been absolutely brilliant, we are taught by EXACTLY the same teachers who teach in the first year of IIM C) The same is expected to continue for your batch as well along with a few teachers from XL.

2) Great Placements: Considering the small batch size and IIM Cal brand name backing us, we decided to join IIM Ranchi. Small batch size implied it was possible for EVERYONE to get into their area of interest and we could afford the risk of NOT APPLYING to companies we didnt want to go during our summer internships. We had a FULLY PAID summer internship, generally a rarity in the best of B schools.

3) Ranchi-the location: Ranchi has great proximity to great colleges like XL ,IIM C, BIT Mesra, NIFT Ranchi, XISS Ranchi. This meant corporates were not averse to visiting the place. Morover Ranchi has good flight connectivity with all major metros in India.

4) MORE Opportunities to build one's profile : As the batch size was small,we got an opportunity to participate in different events/ clubs and hence build our profile which can be very helpful in the long run.

5) The IIM tag: This matters a lot as various companies , primarily fin and consults, tend to offer differential roles and packages to the students of non IIM B schools. Also, the IIM ranchi brand is only expected to grow bigger (cannot be said about pvt b schools) and the name of college helps in the long run too!

Thank you sir !
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I see that a lot of you have queries about waitlist movement. Some information has already been revealed by one of my colleagues. Please realize that we do not have any official information regarding waitlist movement from the Admissions Office, and hence, none of can say for certain how much the waitlist moved. Once you guys join the Google group we have created (the link is in my signature), your questions will reach a much wider audience, which would include people who had waitlists and later converted. So, I request you all to please be patient.

Regarding joining dates, as has already been mentioned, your classes will most probably begin on the 20th of June. Some people will be called for a preparatory course and will have to report about a month earlier. You will be intimated well in advance about your joining date and the procedures to be followed while reporting.

Although no specific date has been for indicating your acceptance, common sense dictates that one need not wait without good reason. If you are really in two minds about choosing another institute, then wait by all means. If you are not, why postpone something good till the last moment ?

I suggest that you all join the group at the earliest, so that all of can know our would-be fachhas better :cheerio:

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is it possible to get a duplicate admission letter and all the forms and documents by visiting IIMA campus? i've moved from my old place and there's a good chance that i might miss the courier/ mail. i am contacting the admission office with a request for address change but even then i'll feel at ease to know that i can always visit the campus and get all the required documents to confirm admission

You are in somewhat a unique dilemma..I suggest you call up the Admissions office for this..the contact details would be in your call letter..the guys there are extremely helpful and would address all your queries in the best possible manner.
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All converts, please direct queries to the link in my signature !

Well well, seems DT has done it again as usual ...Would have loved to see a lot more converts from my home team, specially Doc, but koi nahin ! Congrats to the converts..hope to meet you guys here in June !

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Please direct queries to the link in my signature !

Heartiest Congratulations to the selects! IIM-A awaits its Batch of 2011-13. For those who missed out, please always remember that you are among the crme de la crme of the country and many more opportunities lie ahead of you.
To all the selected candidates,
recommended things to do before you come to WIMWI :

  1. Chill out

  2. Party hard :drinking:

  3. Brag! :cheerio:

  4. Enjoy the limelight, and
  5. Chill some more !

At the same time, your senior batch is always there to clarify all the little doubts and queries that you may have. Do not hesitate to approach us.
For that same purpose, we have created our official Google group, the link to which is as follows :


Kindly send in your registration no. along with your email id which you had used to register. We will verify your admission and grant you access.

Please be patient as it will take some time for us to approve all your requests, since we are on our summer internships.

On behalf of Students' Affairs Council, 2011-12

Congrats to all who have converted . Very well done, no doubt. No matter what you do in life, most of you will remember this day as the one that changed your life. We will soon be getting in touch with you to handle all your queries. Meanwhile, I will be starting a thread to handle any preliminary queries you might have. For the moment, enjoy the adulation and limelight you will soon get. You deserve it. :drinking:

Hope to see you all on campus soon ! :thumbsup:

Hi Seniors

My IIM A interview and FMS interview dates are on the same day.

FMS people have refused to change the date. Can IIM A consider the request to change the interview date ?

If so whom to contact and whats the procedure?

Can anybody give me admissions office email and phone number?


admission@iimahd.ernet.in, 079 6632 4632/33
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However wont it suffice if I just tell them about it ?? I am ready to defend anything they ask..
OR will it be like this : "show us the proof that you are running an institute...."

IIM A places great emphasis on authenticity..so you might be asked to prove..