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hi all

can anyone tell mw which institute among Manhattan Review & Princeton Review is better for GMAT coaching.I visited both institutes...both charge nearly same fee....so can anyone who took coaching from these inst throw some light on this...really confused..

thnx in advance....

PS:My Focus is more on Quant area

hi Puys

This thread is for those who are writing GMAT in Dec 2008.
We can track progress on regular basis and achieve our goal 8-)

PS: Mods if there is any thread existing plz redirect:o


Any takers of GMAT on Sep 2nd Week from Hyderabad...


Yes...mine is on sep 14th..
Can anyone tell me the contact details of the GMAT test centre here in Hyderabad?

Please someone reply soon.

hi The GMAT test centre in hyderabad is opp to Care hospital,Rd no 1 ,Banjara Hills. Visit mba.com for more details

hi guys

My First PG GMAT meet was really laced with loads of gyaan (and shock). Shock 'coz i found out tht dates in jun/july(maybe even august) have been exhausted !! (thanx to ISB season).Really need to buck up and book the date ASAP

Regd meet as others said Vineet was really giving gud doses of info and other chipped in quite significantly.Chaitanya's dig at CAT and analysis of GMAT,Mayank's questions and Vijayan's cool approach towards GMAT added to the environment.

In short the meet gave me the momentum to carry on(or start the prep atleast )....

@getneonow u forgot to add my name to the list of participants
quickdeveloper a.k.a Vamshi :-)

Keep goin on guyz..looking forward towards next meet....

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count me in for the 25th May meet...hopefully will make it..

@itch and @getneonow ...i have PM'ed my details to u...

Hope to meet you all....

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hi puys

i am planning to take GMAT around July.I missed the PG meet this saturday since i cudn't log on to PG for the past few days.
I have just started my Prep by taking OG11 and Kaplan 800.
Any others books u puys wud recommend esp for QA?

PS:Count me in for 2nd PG meet,Hopefully will make it this time.

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Hello everyone, these question are from a website, don't know if i can post the name here??

1. Who led the Ocean to Sky expedition that travelled along the
Ganga (Ganges) river to its source?
(1) Sir Edmund Hillary
(2) Tenzing Norgay
(3) Chris Bonington
(4) Doug Scott
2. Hero Global is a venture promoted by the Munjal group
(1) to market Hero Honda two wheelers in the overseas market.
(2) to sell Hero bicycles in the overseas market.
(3) to build a automobile design lab of international repute.
(4) to set up company owned dealer network in India.
3. J. D. Power is a name associated with
(1) an independent power producing company in New Delhi.
(2) a power plant equipment manufacturing company.
(3) a automotive battery manufacturing company.
(4) an automobile customer survey organization.
4. What does ICANN stand for?
(1) Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers
(2) International Center for Agro Nutrients & Nourishment
(3) Indian Council for Algorithm, Numbers & Notions.
(4) International council for Approved Names & Numbers.
5. Connecting People, is the by line of which company
(1) Philips
(2) Motorola
(3) Ericsson
(4) Nokia
6. Which founding father pioneered the idea of a national bank?
(1) Hamilton
(2) Jefferson
(3) Washington
(4) Adams
7. Who was Karl Marxs main collaborator on his famous works?
(1) V I Lenin
(2) Max Weber
(3) Fredrick Engles
(4) Joseph Stalin
8. Which of the following foreign partner / collaborator pair is not correct?
(1) HTA; J.Walter Thomson
(2) Chaitra; Leo Burnett
(3) O & M; WPP Group
(4) Mudra; DMB&B;
9. Hewlett Packard, the famous Computer company is named after
(1) Its promoters, Hewlett and Packard
(2) The city in which they commenced their operation initially
(3) The street in which their first office was located.
(4) None of these
10. Whos curve did President Reagan use as the basis for his Trickle Down economic policy?
(1) Keynes
(2) Ricardo
(3) Laffer
(4) Smith


what r the other answers??
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hi i too gave Open SimCAT by IMS.This was my first mock CAT test (No Prep at all!!) VA/RC:72 DI:32 QA:Less said the better Need to gear up now ......atleast start preparing...keep posting guys...

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hi 1 n all

I am a IT Professional with 1+yr of Experience in IT industry.
I have the following query
I plan to do my MBA in IT or Finance or Systems (maybe in 2007-08 ).I want to know what kind of jobs will be available after doing MBA in these streams.I wanna know abt the nature of jobs (eg:if investment banker do i need to take care of Mutual Funds?? or if IT Project Manager do i need to guide the Freshers on technical matters etc ) so that i can decide whether to go for it or not otherwise i may end up in the same job as the current one.
I would like to know not only abt IT or Finance if possible other streams too so that i can decide which stream to opt for.

I am asking in this forum since most of the members here "Have Been There and Done That" (i.e Completed their MBA)

any links to other site abt this topic would do fine too...

ps:if there is any post already related to this plz redirect me,i searched a lot but didn't get ne info


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