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Direction: Choose the correct alternative.

1.4 teams A, B, C and D are participating in a football league. They all play with each other and the final scores consist of numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. No two teams have scored the same goals. Team D who has the maximum number of goals also lost maximum number of games. Team A, who has minimum number of goals, has won maximum number of games. The difference between total goals scored by B and C is 1 but team C has won more matches than B. In all matches the difference in goals scored by the two teams is one. What can be the score of match between B and D?:clap:
4. or :cheers:

could someone plz post t solution to this? thks
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could someone plz post the solution to this? thks

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Direction: Answer the following questions on the basis of the information given below.:cheers::

13.A, B and C make three statements about the day, date and the month in relation to a party held in a certain year. April 1st of that year was Tuesday.
A says The party was held on Thursday, June 9.
B says The party was held on Friday, June 10.
C says The party was held on Wednesday, May 8.
Among A, B and C only one person provides correct information about the month and date and only one person provides correct information of the day.
Find the day on which the party was held.
4.cannot be determined

could u please explain how do u get thursday...m a bit stuck...thks
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Could anyone suggest some books that i could refer to for case interview preparation to consulting firms?

I have been to the site learn2consult. Itz a really good one. Thanks Mats for sharing the info.



Hi Thomas,

Thankyou for the valuable feedback and advice. Aprreciate it.

Sounds really interestin and challenging. I think this is something that i am looking for in my career.

I am definitely gonna try to get into Technopak as I have realised that a consulting career in Retail is what I am looking for.

Also, would anyone have an idea about firms other than Technopak which specialize in Retail consultancy, who I could potentially target ?




Hi Abhi,
sounds good , as i m an MBA in Marketing. I have heard a lot about Technopak but I am not quite sure about the work culture and the like. Thats where i m a little concerned actually.

Thankyou for the help. :-)



hi Abhi,

Thanks for replyin. yeah, i m talkin about the same firm.



hi ppl,

need some help.

I want to get into KSA Technopak.

need to know about their recruitment process and what kind of ppl do they recruit and the like. have been through their site, doesnt talk much. i need more info on it.

i currently work with an international property consultant which is into shopping center management. i m into market research. moving ahead, i hav been thinking of getting into KSA Technopak. any suggestions ?




hi manduks,

thankyou for posting such informative stuff. at least now i can be sure that i wont get nervous for an interview.

thank again pal.