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@ IIM C and IIM A guys :- being an IIM aspirant i respect both these colleges equally well.. they are the genuine heavens in their own ways and their own terms... i respect IIM calcutta for its greatest alumni, guts in selection process and beautiful campus... i respect IIM ahmedabad for its fame, history, and culture......
but my main query here is about IIM banglore... y IIM B is not considered for a debate here ?? iam not supporting IIM B here, but mine is jus a query... is it some thing like IIM B is definitely inferior to IIM C AND IIM A ?? anyone from IIM A , IIM B , IIM C , OTHER IIM ites , PG MODS AND serious ASPIRANTS can clarify my query here... respects to all..thanks in advance...............

This thread does not compare IIMB just for the reason that they have different criteria when taking in students. IIMs A and C have requirements that are similar (at least to an extent), and so a lot of shorlists (and converts) are common to A and C than either of those with B. So the more common dilemma for aspirants is "A or C?" rather than a choice involving B - which is why I guess the comparison is between these two institutes.
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Iam not posting here as a Mod or an IIMCian..Iam gonna write here as any normal user..

First of all, this whole debate of A/C or C/A..is unnecessary...When you are an aspirant, you develop an imagine of an institute based on media reports/friends/seniors/pg relationships..

You as an individual dont know, what suits you the best..I mean I have seen people dropping either of the institute for the other.

But once you join an institute, you start loving that place, becoz finally this is where, you are going to graduate from..Every institute is the "bestest" (including non IIMs) from a student's point of view.

Then why this thread on A or C....If I have right to feel proud as an IIMCian, the same holds true for my friends in others IIMs/Non IIMs as well..

Lets stop debating on this, as this is not going to leave some good feel to many of us (more than friends, we will be making enemies) & in the whole process, we will be bitching our own IIM fraternity & misguiding our to be juniors..

To everyone: Every institute has its own merits/demerits & you can know that, only if you are a part of that Institute, so please dont get carried away by what you read...

proud to be an IIM grad :)

I beg to disagree on one count. While I'm not in favour of ppl bashing other institutes and I think there is a much more emphasis on placement figures and numbers here than necessary, but still, I feel a thread like this would help ppl choose between institutes when the time comes to make such a decision. Like you said, "You as an individual dont know, what suits you the best". Which is why one has to find out what suits him the best and not to get carried away by others' opinions or popular impressions. A thread like this would give more insight to a newcomer and help him make a choice.
@all: Find out more about institutions by reading up or talking to seniors and do know what you're getting into.
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Happy birthday...

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Hi everyone,
Me too joining IIM-C for sure.. (had an A call as well..).. I have a small question for the seniors.. I read in this thread that in the laptop bulk deal lenovo was offered last year.. Can somebody post the configuration offered and the price..? I have to decide if I should wait for the bulk deal or get a lap during the summer itself....


Me too, Received the acknowledgement mail just now...

has anyone from Chennai received his/her offer letter?
I have not received mine till now.

I'm from Chennai.. Converted PGDM.. Got the offer letter today.. It was sent to the address that I gave in my CAT application form, not to the new one I gave in the IIMC application.

I haven't received any fee waiver email yet.. Double checked my spam folder.. Has the mail been sent to all the ppl who got calls?

Got confirmation for hostel accommodation.. Rs 350 per day. I need to bring a copy of the mail I got for confirmation, to avail accommodation.

Still haven't received a hard copy of my call letter though. Hoping the print out of the online page will suffice.

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I haven't got my gd/pi call letter yet.. Is it ok to bring a print out of the online page confirming my interview date and time? Pls help me regarding this.
Also I haven't got a confirmation mail regarding hostel accommodation also.. It was said it'll be sent on monday..?

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Hi All,

I have submitted the answers and wanted to share some facts....

The answers are submitted only when you get the SAVED screen and a preview screen with all the answers after filling the form.

If you do not get this then the answers will not have been saved.. So if you fill in the form and do not get the saved screen.. then when you re-login the answers will be blank...

Everybody ensure that you save all the answers somewhere before you hit the save button at the end.. So that in case the answers have not been saved you can copy and paste your answers again...

Thanks for clarifying my doubts.. Wish someone had told me this a lot sooner.. Would've saved me a lot of trouble..