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I just got an invite for interview.

Could you share your profile

Any Mumbai Calls yet?

purvi239 Says
Any hyd(mum) ppl got calls?

Again any1 hyedrabad(mumbai) ppl staus changed call?

Any hyd(mum) ppl got calls?

Can seniors give some details of theirs internships, like their own and a few batch mates and not the long official list in the beginning of the thread! also are people interning in Dubai. If yes than company and profile ? Sry but this is supposed to be a critical decscion!

Hi puys,
Has anyone had the problem as i am facing?
i have got the mail from IMT Admissions but when I check the website, it still shows me that im not selected for any campus. someone please help as i do want to join IMT DCP but im apprehensive.

Thats happening to me also! I think its happening to a lot of ppl1 as long as you have received email u r in I guess!
dude here is a senior who is willing to help us out and address to our querries .. DONT u think he has better things to do than spend so much time on the forums answering what you ask of him?
Show some respect man..atleast dont be so rude if you dont have to be polite!
just see the way rishi1415 rephrased you..

That being said it is a valid query and all we want to know if any 1 has a clear answer to this one!
Also nothing has been said about the refund policy, I f you can shed a light on the same We would be grateful!
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Hey Baccardi,

I have around 2 years of work-ex in Media,I want to switch to finance,I am looking a Few UK 1 year finance prgrammes,will also try and do CFA in the meanwhile ,I want to work in India eventually but I understand I might need to stay back a couple of years to recover th cost.

So the Criteria is It should have the repute to offer employment in UK on immediate basis and even have value once I move to India.

I am considering MSc @ LSE.

Cat Pecentile 97.90
duuno if I should join
Can current students throw some light on Infra.College culture,Avg age,summers etc

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Hey just came on to this thread any study group active?