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@rutty_bharucha said:
Hi! We have an essay, case study round followed by a Panel Interview round. There is an elimination after this and only students shortlisted from here move for a final interview with the President.
Thanks for your reply..

But if it would be possible for you or any other potential aspirants/convert (who have undergone evaluations before; cannot find any other thread for evaluation discussions), to give additional information regarding case study/essay..

Will the topics for above depend on specialization selected or is it same for all aspirants. Also, are essays on general topic and are there choice in selecting the essay etc....
I am trying for May-2013 intake. I have already written on gmba@spjain.com if they can connect me with any current or recent graduates.
It would be great if admission's office help me to connect with GMBA students.

Hey Rutty,

Can you please throw some light on evaluation process, as in what is included in essay/ case study section. Does everyone have to give panel + personal interview or it depends on the performance.

If these things are discussed earlier in this post or some other please provide me the link... I tried to look for evaluation experience in this thread but its really long thread..

Any idea how to shortlist shall be announced!!!

Hi Guys,
Good to see so many people active on Smiths thread!!!

I am Punit, and I have got admit to Smit Full time MBA...
690 Gmat, 2.5 yrs Experience in TCS (Male Engineer IT!!, exactly the type unwanted in INDIA!!!!:biggrin::biggrin:)

Anyways, so guys how may of you are thinking of joining... i read few negative reviews especially by umdmba... common his username is umdmba!!!
seems his purpose on PG is just to swear UMD!!! (just guessing...)

Finally, one thing that bothers me really is.... huge international student presence.. and its location in federal capital..
If any of you have any perspective about this... it would be helpful!!!!!!

Hi Guys,
Finally submitted my TAS form to ISU HR..
Is there any way we can see if the form has reached or not??

Is anyone aware about the next step, is the next step an elimination based oh the forms we submitted.
I read on TCS ultimatix, that TAS would conduct workshops and everyone will be eligible for the same.

Any information about the process will be helpful.


That is obvious. That is there only change to get out of there :)

btw.. take a look at the space provided ~ 200 words. Don't add extra pages at all. And i guess form should suffice.

Stick to the application form format and instructions, it has been designed with a very specific purpose, if you add additional sheets etc, your form may not even be looked at. Even the finer/smaller details are judged here. Remember, they have asked for a handwritten application form (although a typed one would be easier for them to read faster)

Also keep in mind that not only is the application form used for shortlisting to the next round, but the application form would be with the panel's at various rounds of the selection process (except GD round). It's the panelists choice if they want to go through your application form and ask you anything based on it.

Just keep in mind, this is not similar to any other application form they have filled.

Anyway even from a logistical perspective, They would be looking at hundreds of such forms, how many additional sheets do you think they would be interested in

PS: Needless to say but still, Dont worry if your hand writing is bad, just ensure it is legible for the other person to read. They look more for the content inside.

Thanks guys for your replies!!!
Well even I am from TCS , and totally agree TAS is the best chance of any sorts of change here!!!
Anyways All the best guys!!!

Hello Guys,
Seems TCSer take TAS really seriously!!!
Just kidding!!!

Anyways, does anyone have idea about the preferred length of essays, also should we add extra page if the response doesn't fit in the given space...
Any additional proof that needs to be submitted along with the form...

Thanks in advance for your replies!!!

Hi Guys...
Even i received an offer for Gurgoan campus yesterday!!!
Really don't know if it worth joining... especially coz its the first batch and in their website they have reported Chennai placement figures...
Does that mean there will be a common placement??? (Then there is just that incentive!!!)

And also batch strength is goona be just be 50!!! (don't know wat to make of it... maybe good coz they will have less people to place... or maybe they just not confident!!!)

Anyone has idea as to is the course yet approved by AICTE... sometime back when i checked it was not...

Lastly, agar sirf 50 seats rakhna hai toh Chennai mai hi increase kar dete!!!:sneaky:
Thats just my thought!!!!

  • hi Punit , Even i too have my PI assessment tomorrow., an.... 13 Apr '13.
crown verma @Sherry17 1
hi Punit , Even i too have my PI assessment tomorrow., and bit confused on the same !! they have shared chennai placement for gurgaon ? Do share more info if you get on the same !!

Ohhh dint know there was this specific thread for all those who converted!!!

Congrats to all those who have made it...
My profile,
NMAT score: 202
Final Score: 54.03
Merit No : 498 (PGDM, BANGALORE--- Waitlisted)
Merit No : 453 (PGDM, HYDERABAD--- Selected)

Well, my query is..
If I dont take up Hydrebad offer, will I then be consider for Banglore campus??

Also, just wondering...
this Merit No, is it from a common list across all the campuses or each campus has its on Merit list??

PS: I am seeing many people converted core at around 54 final score, did i miss that out only coz of my NMAT score (202)??

Thanks in advance for reply!!!

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