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Interesting as well as very disappointing....I was waitlisted for interview last year....and this year...I haven't even received an interview call as of yet !!! Don't know what to expect !

Delhi Applicant...
@amit_k4 said:
@Punisher I am a re-applicant & recived an i/v invite 2day...
Congrats mate.... I was waitlisted for admissions last year...I hoped atleast for an interview call this year....but nothing so far !
Any Re-Applicant from Delhi received interview call yet?
@16gazelle said:
Anyone with a call from Delhi yet??
I have Same question... especially for Re-applicants from Delhi ??
Any interview calls for Delhi location? Particularly for Re-Applicants?
@sudhir3127 said: I think that ratio was when ISB had 400 odd seats with 4K applications.. That works out to be 2000 odd interviews and final selection of 400 students.. The irony now is the number of apps that ISB receives havent changed but seats are doubled.. With 4k apps and nearly 1.8-2k interviews virtually every second guy would make it to ISB from interview( assuming with 800 seats ISB rolls out 900 odd final admits assuming that 10%dont join )...so im sure that this ratio would have changed a lottttt and i strongly believe if u can get an interview call ur changed of conversion is very high unless ISB decides to interview almost everyone who applies
I like your optimism...I wish it were that simple...
@thisnickistaken said:
If the spreadsheet is to be believed, I don't think there are more than 1200-1300 applicants for R1.
Assuming there will be at least 250-300 offers for R1, which means at least 500 interviews (assuming a maximum conversion ratio of 1:2?), does that mean around half of the applicants will get IV calls?
Can someone with more knowledge/ experience on ISB stats throw some light on the correctness of my calculations pls?
If I remember correctly...the selection ratio at ISB is 1:5:9 ...that is for every 9 applicants ... 5 get called for an interview and 1 gets admitted finally...
Btw dont go the by the excel sheet....there wud be many silent observers here on PG and add to that the guys who are not on PG....my guess is that the Number shud be around 1800...
You can do the rest of the calculations
@Shoan said:
true that.. the wait in any cause is quite something!
Who knows this better than me...Applied in July...interviewed in August....waitlisted in November and finally dinged in February... one long wait from July to Feb..only to be dinged...
I take one look at the excel sheet of ISB and then I take one look at the Excel sheet of IIM Calcutta PGPEX ... And I do not know what to say about PGPEX
@isha_mumbai said:
@Punisher ... Thanks Hope I get in early.. if I get in that is My app is within first 40..
Thats where it gets tricky :)
no matter when was your interview date....all the results will come same day...
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