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Can some one tell me which banks offer education loans for part time MBA..

frnd's plzz helpp....i just saw my mail...i hv received a mail from welingkar dat i hv been selected for PGDM Banglore....the mail was sent on 14th and it was in the SPAM folder....according to the mail 15th(till 6 P.M) was the last date for me to confirm and pay my fees....but i saw the mail now....although i will be calling dem 2morrow to see if anything can be done
wat i wanted to ask is
i hv got thru NL Dalmia (minority)mumbai.....is it worth going for WE Banglore??????? and also my total CET score is 178 so i will be trying thru CAP as well
plzz suggesst something ASAP as i got very less time 2 decide

guyss any idea if college has received any confirmation from dte whether non-gujrati's can apply for IL seats...i m waiting for the confirmation...and the last date is very close...plzz replyy

sumitkarkamkar Says
Hey guys can anyone tell me how to submit the CAT score & percentile. I have entered the CAT registration no. but it is not taking the score & percentile. Please help.

plzz wait for a day coz the CAT result was announced yesterday(SUNDAY) aur aaj HOLI hai....so wait till 2morrow....most probably u will be able to enter ur score by 2morrow evening.

In the welingkar form they have asked for a 6 digit ATMA application Form Number......what are we supposed to enter there coz the registration no has only 5 digits....plzz reply ASAP

puneet_2067 Says
seniors plzz reply does SCMHRD provide systems as a specialization???? or it can only be done as a minor specialization along with ur major specialization

seniors plzz reply
seniors plzz reply does SCMHRD provide systems as a specialization???? or it can only be done as a minor specialization along with ur major specialization
shreyem Says
OK you will receive admissions brochure which will be your confirmation. Also late in Jan you will receive a mail too. But now its not possible due to the rush of applications.

thnxx a lott bro :clap:....now i can finally take my mind off from it(the confirmation mail) and concentrate on my XAT
take-care and keep-smiiLLiinng
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shreyem Says
Admissions office confirmed the receipt of your form...... so now what do u want a so called written receipt for... u want to put it up on wall or what?? The mail regarding changes means ur application form has been processed and payment authenticated. So it means ur application has been accepted.

hey bro i was expecting a simple confirmation mail that my form has been received and authenticated (just like wat we get from all colleges after making the payment) so that tomorrow if any problem arises i should have a proof that i have made my payment and my payment has been received by the college....newayzz thnxx a lot for replying to my query take-care and ATB

I had called up at GIM's admission office and i was told that my form has been authenticated.....but i hv still not received any confirmation mail from the college regarding my status(coz i must hv some kind of proof)......and today i got a mail that the changes made in my form have been saved successfully although i have not made any change in my form.....Senior's plzz help what should i do?????