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Posting after a long time on PG......................
Joining SAB Miller (Marketing)....Most probably Bangalore......
Rock on guys!!

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And so it begins !!

Well guys it mite sound cliched but the best way to go abt this change is not to have any preconcieved notions when u enter the exam hall on 19th Nov , just take it as it comes.................
I second Vinz about the level of the paper being same for everyone.If its damn tough, the guy next to u gonna be sweating his pants off too !!...........

Time wasted in speculating about the pattern can be better utilised to prepare yourself better.......Strenghthen ur strengths and weaken ur weaknesses.........

Leave the pattern speculation to TIME ,CL etc......Trust me, after this announcement they sure gonna come up with some wierd patterns :)....

Best of luck to the PG Junta and and hoping to see a stellar performance as always..........
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Hi Puys,
Finally moved up to IIFT Delhi from the Kolkata list. Can anyone send me the orkut community link for IIFT - D group. Also send me a google invite if possible on

And a word for all the guys to IIFT-K. Cheer up guys, it is a very good (i mean it) option and u r still among the top 300 oout of the 35000 odd applicants who appeared for the exam. I talked to Dr. Mago the other day and requested him to project the Kolkata center to the corporates in a correct manner. He told me that he was preparing a presentation for the corporates and would tell them that certain guys who went to IIMA and are in K list could not make it to the IIFT first list which speaks volumes about the quality of students coming to both IIFT D and IIFT K.

So lets all be very very positive about the next two years in our lives:) .. be it D or K.


Hey Mohit.....seems ur decision to drop SPJain Dubai was the correct one after all......and i second u in terms of IIFTK................
Its gonna be one great institute and those who are privileged to be the in the first batch should just sit back and enjoy the IIFT experience
The link is:
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Just got a mail which said I have been offered admission to IIFT-K. Will pay up the fees to wait and hope for a miracle that I get through to delhi which I know wont happen.

P.S. - It does feel nice though to at last get an offer letter after so many kicks


Congrats more Pgite joins the IIFT clan

@bhaiyyu......i still believe that the avatar change got me Delhi
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Exactly after the shocker of a result in terms of initial lists, PGites have certainly made a strong comeback..........Cmon fellow PGites, time to take over IIFT

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GOT IT...........Yipppeee
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Edited the post
Got IIFT Delhi..........Yippppeeeeeeeeeee!!
Thanx ...........Gandharva

PS:Edited the post on the behest of Bugs :-)

Information being processed ;-)
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I guess its time to show my loyalty to IIFT by atleast changing my avatar.....not bad at all

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Great_II Says
@psyche:So Have I...but dunno will IMT~G be better or not... also if 150 has a chance(good enuff considering 85-90 odd gen. seats)so does 151!!!!

Well donno whether it is relevant ,bt one of my father's friend teaches Marketing in IMT Ghaziabad and is presently contemplating shifting to IIFTK if he gets the chance.......He has been called for his interview in IIFT Delhi and is attending the same today.........
One other good thing i would like to add is that he has done his Post Graduate in Business Mgmt from IIMC and has also done his PhD in management...........
Just goes to show that IIFT is trying to recruit high quality faculty for IIFTK.........
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