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Hey Seniors,

I am in US. Even If I send the documents today it will not reach before 25th. Is it possible that I send a scanned copy to someone in Indore and he submits the print as hard copy?



Please get in touch with the admissions office (by telephone preferably) ASAP to resolve this issue. There has been no official announcement about an extension and hence I would recommend that all of you try and meet the 17th April deadline.
I have a doubt regarding the salary slips here.My company sends me a system generated soft copy of my salary slip which has a clear note "This is a system generated document.This does not need any signature"

Is this sufficient enough?

I don't think it would suffice. Please get it signed and sealed from the HR dept.
dce.neha Says
hey has the IIM I authorities declared the GDPI dates?

Not yet. Dates will be declared soon though. It is safe to assume that the interviews will start in the first week of April.
mundasingh123 Says
Hi I am unable to conmtact the IIMI authorities as the line always seems to be busy.07312439685.Yesterday too i was unable to contact them.Its important for me to contact because i still havnt received my call letter

Drop in a mail to stating the problem.
I got mail on yesterday late night.


I'm sure you meant 'intimate' :grin:

Try and make arrangements so as to meet the current deadline set by the admissions office. Meanwhile we'll try and check if any extension is possible.

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What's the Interview letter no. CAT-2009 that has to be filled up at the top of the first page.

I havent got any mail yet.

Please confirm

Your interview letter number will be stated in the correspondence you receive from IIM I.


I understand that many of you have still not received a mail from IIM I. They are in process of sending out the mails and you will receive them shortly. Please be patient for a while.

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i_invincible Says
WHen nothing is mentioned cant it be assumed as self-attested....i just trying to make life easy i am not sure though....can anyone confirm this???

No. You need to get the attestations done by a gazetted officer.
Congratulations to all the call getters!! Buckle up, because the real battle lies ahead. The seniors batch at IIM I will be there to help you throughout the GD PI stage.

To clear the air, the batch intake this year is 450. And there has been NO upper cutoff used to shortlist candidates.

Please ensure that you have registered for mentorship as well as at the mentorship forum. The links can be seen in my signature.

I request everyone not to spam this thread with individual discussions unless really necessary. Please use the PM facility instead. It's a request. :)


In all fairness, you should get the call.


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Your overall percentile seems to be on the lower side, and DI percentile isn't great support either. To be honest, IIM I looks tough. But still keep your fingers crossed, you might just end up with a call! Won't be a long wait; from what I've heard, the calls shall be out pretty soon.


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