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Hi guys
I had given the interview for rohtak, trichy n raipur. Don't know the results yet but i wanted to gather some information about these new iim's. Guys, what are pros n cons of getting into IIM ROHTAK compared to say IIM L. I know there will be a difference in avg salary's. Besides some companies like Boston Consulting, Mckinsey, Goldman Sachs may visit IIM L but won't go to rohtak in the near future. Short term one may be at loss if he joins these new iim's but what about the long term ??

What are the other major diffenrences?? I mean differences which will make a DIFFERENCE in the long term ?

I have my interview on 29th march at IIM Lucknow at 9am.
I want to book a flight from Lucknow to Bangalore at 6pm. To catch the flight i will have to leave Lucknow campus at around 4pm atleast. Is it safe to book the flight ??

Anybody who had interview at 9am slot at iim lucknow plz reply

sarvshwet has posted a pdf on page 4 of this forum. But i can't download it...

somebody plz help

i forgot to take the photocopy of the form (i know my mistake..) but was it mentioned anywhere apart from the mail, which i have received only today.
The thing is i already had a soft copy and didn't feel the need to have a photocopy. going through the earlier post i took the advice of one of the seniors and re-wrote the form. Is there anything required on my part ..should i send a mail to admission office ??