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@kanthivenkat there are many guys in my batch who have already done their mba's. That's not a deterring factor in the selection process.

My GD group had 11 members. Out of which 3-4 were selected for PI.


A case study asked during ICICI GD.

Kaveri Amma is a 40 yr old woman who has 2 daughters - 1 is married and the other is doing her 10th standard. She works in a cooperative where 35 other women support her. She makes ropes in the cooperative and earns Rs.600/ month. She was looking for alternative ways of making a little more money. She knew how to make a special kind of pickle. She bought the required stuff - tomatoes 8kg at a total cost of Rs.30, 1.5 l of oil at Rs.90, 40, 200 gm bottles at Rs.20, miscellaneous ingredients (ginger, garlic etc.) at Rs.57.
She had an earning of Rs.203 from this venture. She used to sell these bottles at Rs. 10/bottle when market price for such pickle was Rs.16. Since she was handpicking her tomatoes her quality was also maintained. A friend told her that if she did this exercise just 4 times a month then she would be able to earn more than what she is presently earning with her rope trade. A young graduate Sheela heard about Kaveri Amma €™s business and offered her a loan of Rs.15000 to set up pickle making unit plus a Rs. 5000 grant. Should Kaveri accept this offer?

@pranavgandhi01 This course is a normal MBA program which is offered by NIIT university.
The concerns regarding industry recognition is quite irrelevant at the moment because, you'll be working for ICICI for 3 years minimum after which its your experience that will come into play.

For all attempting the test, pls find a sample test

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@bhatnaam Our results were declared sometime in end august and we had to join on 22nd October..
@sbhatia54 60% is mandatory. They dont consider anything less than that

Guys, please refer the earlier posts in the same thread. All your queries, our GD experiences and the topics are all given

@nikitaoberoi Hi.. It all depends whether you are interested in finance sector or not. There are pros and cons to the program. Yes, the 3 yrs bond is quite long.
Also, pls just dont consider the package while joining. If you are interested in pursuing MBA from a reputed coll, then I suggest you prepare for the various entrance exams.
But this program also gives and opportunity to work while you study. Also pls follow the previous posts, where most of your doubts have already been answered to some extent.
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Hi harsha, Thanks. I would be interested in buying your books.