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Hey guys anyone aware what does this Stage1/Stage2...round1/round2...admission procedure mean in context of admission into Bschools...:( .....

i guess everyone must be clearly aware....i ws just a lil confused..if it means...the different stages of admission everyone has to go thru...or applicants are divided on some criteria into batches...and processed in rounds..??: ...lemme know guys..!!

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Happy Birdie...Simba....
hope u have a rocking time..outthere...
Have a wonderful year ahead too..!!

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Sigh... can't help this one...

Suppose MavericK was the host of KBC... and the four options were names of four insipid threads on PG... What would he say...??

Lock kar diya jaaye?

Couldn't help that one, puys... please don't harm me...!

Gosh...the chuck has to stop somewhere....!!!!
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Thanx Bluffu for bringin me across the thread..:D..this onez..happening dude..
no booking ...thats against the rules in my book..
herez booth capturing..
(1) Best Admin - huh obvsly ..PG himself
(2) Best Thread* - my personal fave z "what's the deal with moi..??"..hilarious..incredible efforts of making a mountain out f a molehill..:D
(3) Best Poster - i .. ..i make no nonsense least the nominees that follow would agree..:wink:
(4) Best Avatar (Not the coolest ) - cud be j0
(5) Favorite Moderator - has to be Oxymoron
(6) Best Newcomer (User who has joined in the last 12 months) - Mahip ..has brought around a lotta the recent past..
(7) Favorite Poster (The one you like to follow)
(8 ) Funniest Poster - murty001 aka JerryMouse
(9) Most Helpful User
(10) Most Missed User - Van Gogh....ahh i miss the gentle soul..!!
(11) Most Annoying User (Nothing Personal )
(12) Worst Username - jobsuckslifesucks**..
(13) Most Appropriate Username - ohmygoditsgulu :biggrin:
(14) The most passionate poster - rani_das
(15) The most reliable/active poster - cud be AnuragXP..i often come across happenings at PG frm his offliners..

(16) The most intelligent poster
(17) "Greatest potential" award (the poster where you want to read more from)
(18 ) Most creative signature
(19) One user you would like to meet - pagalneha
(20) Best post on PG*- some of em at the Boxer thread its locked..:sad:
(21) Best fight among members* - not witnessed many..involved in one with DJK..
(22) Outrageous/Ridiculous Thread* - of the types.."Can somebody help me..??"
(23) Most Sarc(H)astic Post* - some at the boxer thread..
(24) Two Posters who are Constantly at Loggerheads with Each Other
(25) Poster With Maximum Impact Within Minimum Posts - has to be me..even if u remove the clause..maximum impact..
(26) Best NickName Cooked up at PG (EX.. Uncle j0 for Johan aka j0) -babyhathikapati ...though i dunno who it cud be..

(27) SB Personality With The Maximum Impact - Indronildey..and currently BLUFFMASTER!!!
(2 PG King (Please give a reason in two lines ) - Undisputed "Pagalguy" himself
(29) PG Queen (Please give a reason in two lines ) - my vote goes to PagalNeha (quant section owed to her..!!)
(30) Special Mention Award (The Poster of whom you would like to make a special mention for whatever reason )
Jais,Aditi_s,roshi are kewlest SBers..
Euphoria kewl poster..

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Heylo Siby boss..

Happy Bday..

hope u have a rocking time in Indore..
and do party hard..!!
Have a great year ahead too..!!:grin:

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Heylo Indro boss...

a very happy Bday to you..

and hope u get ur job back soon too...(i.e the SBz back soon..)

have a gr8 year ahead too..!!

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well my schizophrenic counterpart Van Gogh got banned ..because people couldn't understand his words and philosophy...but he tells me he wasn't even warned before he got banned...poor guy he just wanted to spread peace...and i swear he always succeeded in doing it whenever he ws active at the the deathly peace and silence prevailed ....!!

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And by the same logic learn to appreciate the poetry of Bharti-yar and the tirukural. Or maybe try finding the subtle nuances in the poems of Avvayaar.

Bullshit right ?

Well so is your logic of me trying to figure JaiShankar Prasad and Premchand.

They might be great. I agree, but no reason why I should learn them if not out of my own accord.

well abzolutely not out of your own personal accord ...but that they have done a lot in bringing..hindi to the international can appreciate or be ambivalent about it only if u have a taste for it...and what difference would it make if u appreciate or do not appreciate it...the testimonials that the language Hindi is rich enuff already exist in our manuscripts and they dun need to be attested by me or a North Indian or South Indian.... to prove that Hindi is par all comparisons....uve lost the whole only motto was.. to make us realise that the language hindi itself is unprecedentedly rich which is already an establiched fact...and yeah i do believe that hindi literature is much more rich than any other language in the world...standing shoulders with English and French...!!

Toh aap shuru karo ek Hindi Literary club. I know i might sounding very RDB-isque but this has been my personal motto since eons now: "Either do something about it or quit complaining"

well i am not whining or cribbing about anything my fren.....i am just placing my point ...and if we can't even do wd defeat the whole purpose of these threads and forums...:D..

But doing something about it...its a nice idea ...thanx for bringing it across..:smile:..ive already taught basics of hindi to some non-hindi speakers

As convolutedsignal said, India is not comparable to a Japan, France or Spain simply because of the multitude of languages and culture.

okie the other day i ws watching Mr India for the nth time...and Mogambo had this dialogue in his opening speech...i may not be accurate..but i'll try..."yeh Hindustani kabhi kuch nahin seekhenge...yeh hamesha dharm,jaat aur kshetra ko leke ladte rahenge.."
so are u suggesting that even for the sake of our own literature we cannot be united under one umbrella...??

Well, I would say you are kinda too late baby The reality is that France is a developed country - a superpower. India is not. I know ki thoda apne ego ko thees pohunchega but thats reality ! :neutral:

well fault...i dun really believe in these subjective terms as "developed country - a superpower"...or a "developing country" i dun really wish to go along with the organisations who have coined these terms...i wish to go a lil more with the data...going lil outta the topic out of the Forbes list of 200 richest people in the world their were 27 Indians and 10 Chinese...i quote "The collective net worth of 40 richest persons in India is $106 billion compared with China's $26 billion"...yes their are also the cons...the number of people below the povery line and stuff...but arent we giving tough competition on the positive note too..??

So why not compare India with other countries...when it has actually been doing well on the global front...!!

Okie even if we wish to exclude France , what do u have to say about small country hugely influenced with the West...still the people give a sh*t to English...technically highly advanced ..all the computer systems here are sold with customised OS and drivers for Hebrew...even the Notepad if u'd open...would start typing left to right...for this z how Hebrewz written...!!

I just wish to make the point that drilling down deep into the structures of regions,religions and what not ...we Indians tend to loose the national identity...!!

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Van Gogh, Dil pe mat le yaar..

PS: I wrote the above line in Hindi :p

And uve also killed the debate..!!
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"Doosra" doesn't work nowadays... so I "second" anandv and convoluted signal.
Forget Hindi... Learn the Global Language! :D

Respect for the nation does not come only from a language... it comes from within the heart. And the current generation only feels that on 15 Aug, 26 Jan and after watching movies like RDB. So better be practical... be Global! :D

Learn the Global Language but why "Forget Hindi"..
We used to have the best collection of literature Hindi with some great contributions by JaiShankar Prasad ,Premchand and others of their fame..and it was at par with the English collection including Shakespeare..etc..

the French still believe that their literature and art z more rich than English...they believe Camus etc have been the best philosphers ever...but we seem to have lost what we inherited from the previous the works of Premchand ,Prasad..are only to be found warping in a dilapidated corner of a library..

It is still said "Businessmen speak in English but the diplomats speak in French"..cos they have still maintained that aura about their why cant we show to the rest of the world that Hindi too z a language which is rich..and Indians are proud and arrogant about it..!!
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