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hi frnds
i want to know that what r the specialization imdr is offering they have sytems?????plz tell me as soon as possible..... my gd pi is on 12th....waiting for the reply...ppl who r online rite now plz reply me quickly...m leaving tomorrow for pune...

Hey pushkar,
I'll be passing out of IMDR before you guys can join... All the best to all PGites who will be attending the GW/PI. IMDR does not have any specialization, 1st yr is common for all PGDM students but in the 2nd yr you can choose 6(min) to 8(max) electives (apart from other compulsory papers :(). If you wish to specialize in system you may chooses all 8 system elective papers. I've selected 6 mkt+2fin papers. Any ways I hope we have lots of PGites this year. My batch had 3 PGites. Of course you are familiar with Nibu the other person is Aarti V. I'll be handling the process on Friday, I hope I can find some PGites then.. All the best again..


This in reference to the Placement scene at IMDR pune. why dont you chechk out the website u'll get an idea about the same. better still check out the alumni section in the website, u'll be amazed to know the kind of alumni network it has.

ur friend's friend can make his own judgement regd the inst after checking it out.

Sorry guys .....
i had to submit a 30 page Case study on monday 9am. i had to slog till 5am monday morning to finish. ne ways i take full resposiblity for my absence.

My mind had gone for a walk....... Since Manpreet has started the head count let him be the coordinator of this meet. What do you say manpreet????

Sorry guys for not writing any earlier. Officially there are no classes on Sundays in IMDR but you know the drill.... guest lectures and assigments etc.... however if we meet at evening @ CCD I guess no one will have a problem..... Sunday seems fine to me . lets start a prospective head count now. Count me VERY IN. please decide upon a time ASAP.


Hi guys ,
How abt a Pune meet 3 :idea: . I have joined IMDR. The work schdule is really getting on my nerves . i need a break....... :x I am sure you all are facing the same situation. Lets meet someplace in FC Road.Why dont you guys suggest some dates..

Awaiting for your response........


is the other 1 Gene hackman?
jst a wild guess

hi arti, i am sure by now u've secured admission in imdr.Hi nibupraju when r u planning to come 2 pune? have you opted for hostel? hoping to meet you guys in pune...
NB: i am presently in Hyderabad

i have joined IMDR. i find it as a fairly good inst. have ne of u guys joined IMDR.
pls do reply me ASAP

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A few days back ,when the whole world was wide awake, n I was awake aswell ,I had the tryst with PG.

Well I am trying really hard to make it sound interesting but I see that it is not working.

Actually I came to know about PG frm the faithful,.
I had just found out that I had cleared XIMB written so typed XIMB percentile in the search box n found a link to this site on the second page. (maybe the search gods were pleased wit me 4 some reason) N thus I was came to know abt this wonderful site.

Sooo there it is