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hi every body...a very good initiative by pagal guy...but it is extremely disappointing that a premier IT bschool of symbiosis, "Symbiosis center for information technology(SCIT) " has not been included in the survey....i mean the initial list of colleges from which i had to select the institute i belonged from, didnt mention "SCIT"

SCIT is a premier IT bschool under the symbiosis umbrella. It has been approved by AICTE....the college has a track record of 100% placements. All the top consulting, BFSI and IT companies visit SCIT. The packages being offered are better than many of the institutes mentioned in the survey list.

Hence i think SCIT should be included in the survey...

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First of all...there are 150 seats and till now only 144 have got the people with waiting list 1-3 are surely going in!!!!!!

more over last yr without iss batch being there 153 were finally selected....and later when iss batch came it went up to 175+....
so what this means is that there can be 175+ seats and only 144 being shortlisted till waiting list people need not worry.......any thing can happen......u all have a very good chance....need to believe in urself and hope for the best!!!!!

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congrats to all call getters

i got no 11 in waiting list for itbm
can anone help from last year trend????????

last year there was no such reserved seats.....hence the ranking of merit list went till 30 and the waiting list of systems, networks, s/w went till 46....itbm's rank went till 80...with the same 30 being in merit list.....

the good news is that all 16 of them( of systems ,networks, s/w) got through....but for itbm, people till the rank 58 were selected..... i felt really sad for the 1's who had the rank 59,60......

well kunaldas..u will surely get through.....and rajez abt u...i would say dont worry....there is a very good chance of u getting through....
and yes congrats to all those who made though........welcome to scit....see u all at the campus.....!!!!!!

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i guess placement will start later...
but ths was just to tell everyone about actual scenario...
me too had heard different things..i guess no one knew about exact figures..n also this page was tactfully placed in the that few can see it..
only thing is that the lowest & average salary is TOOOOOOOO LOW....this means only a few package above 5 & rest concentrated around 3-3.5 lpa.?
can seniors help....

The official data is not yet out......but it is known to us(from our seniors)that there r many who got pay packages in the range of 5-6 lpa...and very few who got it in the range of 3-3.5lpa....
this is something which my seniors told me....even i am waiting for the official data to be released....
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Well guys I have got into a problem...while filling in the application form, I have made a mistake. Due to an overlook I had mentioned my Engineering year of passing as 2001,2002,2003,2004 for the years I, II, III, IV respectively. The correction for the year of passing for I, II, III, IV years should be as 2002,2003,2004,2005 respectively. Also the work experience stated in my form is 06/04(may 2004) to till date that is 01/07(January 2007) (at the time of filling of the form). The correction should be 06/05 (may 2005) till 01/07 (January 2007).

Now I have been trying to call up SCIT but no one seems to be answering the call. Also my GD/PI is on 22nd feb for NITI. I really feel stupid at this stage. Filled the form on the penultimate date before the deadline. It was quite late in the night when I did this. Instead the year of passing for engg, I mentioned the start of the academic year. So the original form looked something like...completed HSC (+2) in 2001) and completed 1st year of Degree (Engg) also in 2001. Really feeling stupid Dunno what to do now.

Can anyone help me please?

see buddy, last yr it was like...before the gd/pi rounds, our certificates were checked and was compared with what was written in the form...and if any changes were needed it was made there and there dont worry much abt that and concentrate on performing well...
bye and all the best...
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I tell you, these guys are trying to be extra smart. This guy has added some marks for profile to the SNAP score. This score is meant for internal purposes of SCIT and doesnt constitute a valid SNAP cutoff. What you are referring to is the real SNAP score. So effectively valid SNAP cutoff will be much lower that what he has quoted (approx 15 marks lower). This amounts to a grossly unethical behavior to mislead people especially when it comes from a student of SCIT itself.
Only one suggestion- Dont believe in any information that these guys are giving you about cutoff, placement or anything. Scrutinise it properly befor getting in.

i think u should visit this link: Welcome to SCIT this will clear all ur doubts.
u r right when it comes to placement...cos it has not yet been declared officially what has been the placement so far...but i can say 1 thing...placements are not bad at all, infact very good.....and none of the seniors are over here to mislead or misguide u. we r here only bcos last yr some1 had helped us when we were in the same situation as urs....
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hi guys,
let me share with u all my gd/pi experience last yr...

i had reached pune a day before the we had the gd/pi.(i.e on 24th of feb 2006, i had my gd/pi on 25th feb). After reaching pune i had stayed at a hotel near pune station. Next day i hired a ric and reached atur center(model colony, next to om super market). From there i paid 20 bucks and got into a bus(symbi have their own bus service). The bus dropped me at the gates of sic campus. After reaching over there we were divided into groups. Mine was group no. 7. Then we were taken to a class room where the phycometric tests were taken. I dont know if u guys have physometric test or not...but i would like to say 1 thing...if u have it then try to attempt all the questions. We were given 40 questions which we had to answer within 20 mins. questions were all general type like- if so and so things happen what will u do, what r ur weaknesses, ur role model etc. some of the questions will be repeated( the words will be re arranged, but will have the same meaning), see to it that u give the same answer to both the questions. after this phycometric test, we had our gd....when we entered the room, 12 chairs were arrenged in the shape of a "c". the pannel which consisted of 5 members were sitting in the front. i was sitting on the 6th chair, i.e exatly in the center. The topic for the gd was written on the board.... it was "work is done by an individual and not by the system." first of all, i didnt understand the topic....we were provided with a paper and a pencil on which we were supposed to jot down our points, in the 10 mins that was given before the discussion started. Guys remember 1 thing, if u find ur self in such a situation were u dont know what to speak, say any thing that comes to ur mind....more over see to it that no fishmarket like scene gets created.... from my group 6/12 got selected...and there were groups from which only 1 got selected....we had discussed it before hand that no fishmarket scene gets it helped me and my group advice for gd is that dont remain quite ,say something, u have nothing to loose.....see to it that u have some relevant point, if not say any thing that comes to ur mind....during our time there were guys who didnt say a word, till 1 of the member from the pannel asked them to say something...and mind u no 1 (who were asked to say something) got selected
the pi was funny...when i enterd i was asked abt which topic did i liked the most in my graduation(i.e physics)....then the next question was "what is su-do-ku?" then came questions like how u go about playing sudoku, etc etc... then i was asked a question on how did u like the campus....and then came the question....( i had left 1 question in the phycometric round "what r ur weaknesses") why have u left this question...u dont have any?r u next to god? (actually my time got over before i completed all 40 questions)...
remember some of the pi's were over in just 5 mins and some took 25-30 mins. So what questions to ask and what not to is not fixed. any thing can be asked, but they will see to it that they ask u questions, they think u know...

this yr there is a change..and i have heard that gd is an elimination round....more over 1 more change is that last yr only 90 candidates were called on 1 day....the process for each stream continued for 2 days( i.e 90 were called on the first day and 90 were called on the second day). this yr all 180 are called on the same there will be some changes in the procedure
well people from non it background need not my class(systems) there r many who r not from an it dont take any tension and perform well.

anyways all the best and do well in ur gd/pi...
and 1 more thing....this yrs forum is far more active than last yrs....carry on the same way.....

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hi guys, i would like to share my gd/pi experience....hope it will help u all...

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m xpectin around 70 in snap
m nt 4m IT or comp engg bacgground
i ve done bachelor of applied sciences(instrumentation)(H)
hv decent acads. no workex
seniors pls help me whthr i shd fill scit form
as i ve heard comp engineers r preferred in scit
cn sm1 pls tel me wats d ratio of comp or IT engg
is to othr courses students. or dey dnt take ne othr courses
students at all.
seniors pls guide.

hi there, and by the way this is something which people think abt scit, of it being an IT institute. Let me make it clear,its a b school that will train u to manage various sectors of IT industry. There are 5 courses at scit. software development and networking is meant for people belonging to IT background, were as Systems, itbm and iss are meant for people belonging to any background.
i am from systems, and as far as my background goes, i am a graduate in physics. in my class there are 2 frm mechanical background, and many from electronics background. The only problem that i faced was during the leveling time. leveling time is 1 month training that will be there before the actual course starts. This training is meant for us to get familiarized with the IT scenario. But after that there is no trouble as such till now.
So, if i had to give u any suggestion i would say, go for it. choose any 1 of systems, itbm or iss which u think is best suited for u.
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well i guess piyush will be able to answer u... cos he is frm ITBM.

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