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above 10 lacs per annum from nov 2012.. mere vishvast sootro ne bataya mjhe ye..
nd ye batane ki zarurat nahi ki mere sources galat nahi hote....

PS: not showing off :)

but how wud b assured of above 10 lacs FROM "NOV.2012" ???
n wts d scenario ryt nw?
what will be the average package of dis batch??
as govt recruiters have stoped recruiting??
pls throw sum light
m in a dilemma..

Please if ne one knws sumthn regarding d above questns, do answr.. i wana knw abt d package .... i m too convinced wd d colg bt jst 1 thng is setting me bak .. n dats d package.. !! please any 1
1. financial accounting by shukla n grewal or by maheshwari..
2. any good statistics book.. (no specific writer needed, anyone will do)

thats it.. no coaching.. sit at home.. daily 2 hours of reading is more than enough to enhance ur basics.. baki u r coming at the mecca of banking and finance.. kuch unke liye bhi chhor do.. :)

Thanx a ton :grin:
made a note of it n wl get in tuch wd dose books real soon :grin:

heyy helloo ppl..., :)
hav cenverted n joining NIBM... ummm i ws wondering if i shud take up some classes or sumthn lyk dat as m nt frm commerce backgrnd n dnt hav sound knwldge regarding d same... :(
so if sumbody cud help me wd dis i'd b thankful

Unregistered000 Says
wonder why so secrecy with ATMA calls and results.

probably they'l put it on d site by 2mrw... v al jst got d mails 2de mrng...
Got Selected
coolg219 Says
Where is the link?

Link hasnt come on d site but its bn mailed 2 d candidates who appeared fr it....
ricky7691 Says
when will the results be out for u guys?? any specific date??

no specific date told 2 us.... d dean said in a week's time..
ricky7691 Says
what happened mate.. u didnt post???????

Heyyaa Ppl
Der wer 16 candidates ystrdy fr d GD PI.. :)
gd ws ok fr ws regarding Stock Market.. n My PI ws d 1st... went fine..
ricky7691 Says
dont worry my friend it is confirmed.. it is just a formality.. they never reply back.. all the best for tomorrow.. do post here everything that happens (specially the no of people participating)..

Sure... wud definitely update wd wts happenin...

Hello PUYS..

Its my GD PI 2mrw in Mumbai... n they had askd 2 confirm my participation 2 an Email Id... i did dat long tym bak.., bt havnt got ne reply frm dem... How do i get 2 knw if its confirmed or no ... n i calld dem up 2de bt unfortunately its holiday (had forgotten abt dat )...

so please please reply sumbody who hav bn thru d process...