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Sir my form number is 700063 and dob is 23-12-89. I have applied thru cmat score for RM before 10th but i havent got the call yet. Cud u pls check it for me.
The link is for pgdm and pgdm(ib), where is the link for RM?? Thnks in advnce!

dnt u worry you will be called in second round, this would happen in late april or early may, plan accordingly.

but sir i need to attend the gdpi in delhi and second round would mean i have to travel to mumbai. thats why i had applied before 10th. is there no ways to get accommodated in 1st round itself?

Hello Sir! I had applied thru cmat score before 10th march. My score is 202 but i haven't yet received a call. Cud u tell me by when should i get it and how are my chances?

Priya.. if you are willing to apply to mumbai colleges.. you can get top 4..

3KJ Som

Thanku so much sir...but i am an OMS candidate...will this still be enough?
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Hey my score is 202, rank 3216. What colleges can i expect?? What should be my percentile? Pls help someone!

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dishu1 Says
ur gd/pi is on 16??

nope its 14th

hey..anyone who had thr gdpi this year, pls post your experiences here. thnks!

simplestupid Says
in one of the posts i see 15th march is d last is 3rd..n i hv stil not recieved the soft copies??????

The softcopies are not being sent..only letters are sent by post....i also got it on 2nd.. u will get it in a day or two.

Hi I've been selected for marketing at nande campus and the last dat to submit the fees is 15th march. Is it possible to extend this date by around 10 days?

Hey... I wish to send my cmat and mhcet score for PGDM RM. But I want my gdpi process in delhi..and till then mhcet score wudnt be out i guess...earlier it was given that 2nd rounds of gdpi wud be held at delhi also but since now it is not so, will i still be called if i apply now or do i have to come to mumbai only in the 2nd round?? pls help!!