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Stone Cold @pranabanugrah
Do we have to keep the scanned copy of the acceptance form and DD for 50,000/- ready before submitting 'I Accept' ?
Invictus Maneo @hims1993
aaj aane ka koi chance hai?
priyanshu verma @priyanshuverma

chutti toh nai hai ?....did anyone call AO.?

Bharat Shara @bshara
NITIE vs IIM K...throw some light..
priyanshu verma @priyanshuverma

bhai expel kar dete hai students ko ye toh pehli bar sun raha hu bottom 50 toh har jageh hi 10lpa se kam ka package le pate honge....

@leo_messi bhai high percentile ka kaisa advantage....placements ki baat kar raha kya?

Did anyone get any mail regarding the deadline for submitting the fee for blocking the seat?

  • Not yet. 04 May '15.

Did anyone receive a mail regarding the deadline to submit the fee for blocking the seat?

  • May 14 I guess.. 04 May '15.

Converted time...

The CAT Whisperer !! @nitinchan
Anyone called AO or any date??
priyanshu verma @priyanshuverma

bhai end of the week toh kal hi hai....1st se 3rd toh chutti hai.. monday se ahuru hoga fir..

mohit kumar @mohitkc90
Can someone tell what is the actual batch strength of IIM Indore which will be sitting in campus placements for 2015-17 batch. I have heard that mumbai campus and IPM students also sit with PGP students during placements. If this is true , isnt it ridiculous ? If they have managed to place a bat...
priyanshu verma @priyanshuverma

PGP is the flagship i dont think ipm will have much effect on the placements ...