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nisha malhotra @nsandhu10
hi can anybody tell me how is iilm lodhi road and if it is affiliated by AICTE ?
Priyanka Chakraborty @priyankach15
@nsandhu10 I am a current student of IILM Gurgaon, and there is a good news for the upcoming batch. IILM Gurgaon is now AICTE approved and Lodhi Road campus is accredited by SAQS.
@Abir1103 First get your facts right.. the fee is 9 lacs including hostel and food for 2 years for the upcoming batch. The IGNOU MBA scheme is on hold, the college have said it will take the initiative to register the students on their own. Moreover, they have said that if need be, then they will give the MBA degree from other university. is true that dec degree can be obtained at a lesser fee but will you be able to attend regular classes and give reports, presentations, do live projects and will you get indyustry exposure ???? am sure, you wont... that is the reason getting a pgdm from IILM through DEC is different from other dec course.

@abhijit90 I do not regret my decision.. i know if i work hard i will get a good placement and IILM has a good reputation in the market so i don't think my future is doomed .
@Abir1103 After completion of the PGP we are eleigible to get a DEC approved PGDM. So, you can't compare it with a certification course.

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@lekshmi_lsn IILM CMS and GSM are almost at par, and as far as placement is concerned there isn't much difference but IILM GSM has a better record.
@abhijit90 I think if you are a student of Gurgaon in you are claiming to be one but am not so sure about it , then i think you did not get your facts right before joining the college because all the of IILM LR and GGN are well aware of the fact that it is not aicte or ugc approved so how can you blame the institute for it ? Students cannot call themselves victims as they know the affiliation status of this college.
Moreover, if they want aicte approved college they can always opt for IGSM..
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