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I just came across this amazing thread and at a very crucial time of my life..I am in real need of Kaplan Premier 2011 edition and am not able to find it in any store..It will take a minimum of 21 days for me to get it..Was wondering if anybody on this thread has it and is willing to lend me for two weeks..I would surely return in the next two weeks..


Thanks for the quick reply..

I will be very frank with my post MBA or masters goal ( I cant always be in the applications)..

As of now I feel consulting is where I belong and thus would like to switch into it..I presented the same in my MIM apps..but to be very honest I want to take MBA as an opportunity to discover myself..maybe I begin with the dream of getting into mck, BCG or bain and den end up opening a store!!
I do not wanna grow much into the technical domain is something I know for sure..Geography is no constraint..

GMAT - i will improve for sure..that was a 2 weeks effort but den do I stand a chance for the programs I mentioned ..

Kindly guide..

Hi ..
I will start with my introduction..
I am Priya.. have been a frequent visitor on PG but posting for the first time ..
I hv the typical INDIAN/Engineer/IT profile with the only difference being that I am a girl :)..I did my B.Tech in Comp Sc from Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology bearing a CGPA of 9.07/10..
I passed in 2009 and have since been working with Wells Fargo, Hyderabad..
I have always wanted to do a MBA but did not want to wait for long and thus applied for Masters In Management program at HEC, ESCP, ESSEC and Imperial..
Gave GMAT in 2 weeks and scored a low but managed to pitch in a strong application and thus got through ESCP, ESSEC and Imperial..
But I am at the inflexion point of my career and now at times feel may be I am too late for MIM.. Also, when I always wanted to do a MBA why not wait and apply this year for next year fall when I will have a decent work-ex of 3 years..
But with this I hv just too many points to worry about.. Is my profile too generic??
I hv good EC's, will improve my GMAT for sure but am just worried abt the profile thing..Anything I can do to improve it?
Also, if I apply this year as in in round 1 for next fall to schools like NUS, NTU, INSEAD, ISB what are my chances?? As of now am not too keen on US schools because of the cost involved..
When I apply I will hv around 2yrs and a months experience but when I join it will be 3 years..what will they consider? my work-ex wen I apply or till I join?
I hv too many questions and hv to take a quick call on MIM vs MBA so luking forward to the experts reply on this forum..
Please help!!