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CAT Percentile :
OA : 99.48
VR & LR 98.something
QA & DI : 99.something

X : 93
XII : 83.67
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age : 67%

Work-Ex: 9 Months

GD Topic: Indiscriminate promotion of tourism is a threat to the environment
Number of Ppl present : 12 out of 16
Bad GD. Barely any content. Was becoming fish a market fomr time to time. I tried to get some order. Spoke 3-4 times. Overall, cannot say!

Time: 24th Apr'12 2pm (changed from 8am)

Panel Members Intro: 2 panelists. Senior Profs.
They : Youre form Mumbai?
Me : Born in Udaipur, shifted few places and living in Mumbai for 16 years.
They : You know about Udaipur?
Me : No. Moved out before I was 1. Never been there.
M1- Okay your Extempore topic is
- Juhu Beach (I mentioned Juhu beach being polluted in my GD )

ME- Spoke properly, but did not have proper structure. They stopped me before 1 min only saying time is up.
They - Asked me origin of 'Juhu'.
Me - Dont know.
They - You could have spoken about other things like blah blah
Me - Yes infact i was coming to that blah blah told about cleanup of Juhu Beach.
They - Who did this cleanup
ME - I think BMC
They - 2 things about yourself...why should we consider you
Me - Told them. I sort of spoke 2 points together. They thought of it as 1 point so later they asked me, third point? so then i emphasized on one of the first points. Could have been better.
They - Where do you work? Why do you wanna leave ?Why you wanna go for MBA. Engg skills wasted.
Me - told. Also said engg skills wont be wasted blah ...spoke about wanting to go to work everyday.
They - But whats the problem why so many engineers going for management? is it the job or the money or what?
Me - For me its about the job, the work I do, blah blah
They - That will never happen. Youll always find something that you dont like everywhere
Me - Thats okay but by and large one I must be happy. They gave an unhappy look but i said,...should enjoy work etc etc and ended by saying that eventually, Im sure that ill find such a place!
They - thankyou you can go.

Overall, im not happy. Dont think i will get through.


Hey Guys another query,

One of the documents required is :
Certificate of eligibility from the Principal/Registrar stating that you have completed all the requirements of obtaining the Bachelors Degree on the date of issue of certificate. (Compulsory for all the appearing graduates).
Provisional admission will be given subject to clearing the final examination in first attempt with 50% aggregate marks. The last date of submission of the degree marksheet and provisional passing certificate will be 10th August, 2012. Please note that failing to meet this requirement, will result in the cancellation of your studentship and the fees paid will not be refunded.

What is this certificate of eligibility?
I have completed my engineering and i have the degree. So will i be needing this? If yes, from where/how do I get this?
What if i dont get it by 9th April

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I have converted NMIMS Core. Just wanted to ask if there is a way to extend the date for making payments considering 3 days in this week are Bank holidays?
If yes, whats the procedure to do so?

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Hey Guys,

I am planning to pursue MBA this year. I've converted NMIMS, Nitie Waitlisted 33, calls from New IIM's, MDI, FMS, IITB, IITD.
Ive been working in Deloitte Consulting for the past 9 Months. My job is called Technology Consulting. But its basically an IT job.

Now my first question is Where and how is the line drawn between Strategy/Management Consulting and IT Consulting.

The areas Business Strategy and Marketing interest me.

So I wanted to know :
1. Is Consulting is the only way to get into Business Strategy? ( vis a vis General Marketing Profiles that many Companies offer )
2. I fear that if I take up consulting, considering the Colleges i have, I will land up in an "IT Consulting" or IT related Functional role in a firm similiar to mine. Is this a valid doubt or is the actual scenario different?
3. If so, does it make sense for me to take up Consulting as a specialization now, considering that i will ABLSOLUTELY NOT BE ABLE to do the kind of job in point no. 2?
4. I'm thinking about this(specialization) now because amongst the colleges I have, not all are good for every specialization. So my College choice will definitely depend on this.

Amongst the Colleges ive mentioned, which ones would be good for Consulting ( not IT Consulting/ Functional Roles, proper Strategy Consulting ) ?

Thanks a lot in advance for the help.


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Date & Slot : 01/03/2012, 9.00 AM
Location: Mumbai
Cat percentile: 99.48
Work Ex: 8 months

Whole Process was organized by IIM Trichy.

WAT Topic : For MPs and MLAs, scheme of 'No Work No Pay', must be implemented based on their transactions in the Parliament

WAT Experience : Decent.

Details about interview panel (no of interviewer etc) :3 Male

Questions asked in PI : Dont remember who asked what question

Q1-Tell us about yourself as much as you can
Me-Told. Ended by saying ive learnt a lot from my Company
Q2-What have you learnt
Q3-Give us an example of what you said
me-Gave a highly technical explanation of my point.
Q4-You seem technically very sound. Why mba. Why not MS or further studies?
Me-Said im more inclined to management, marketing, wanna learn about that gain those skills etc.
Q5-They picked up on the word skills. What skills will you learn in an mba
Me-Finance Marketing etc...
Interrupted : That is knowledge not skills...
Me-thought...sales, people management etc etc...
They-Have you seen a change in someone before and after an MBA. How?
Me-Gave my brothers example...they seemed okay okay convinced.
They-Why have your grades dropped in Engg
Other Panelist-He believes extra-curriculars are very important.
Me-I refuted saying acads are most important. and explained why i got less. Said the highest was also not much higher than mine.
They-You've lived in Mumbai for so long. State 2 current problems in Mumbai
Me-Gave 2 problems. They tried to question 1 problem but i explained.
They-If you are in charge. How will you solve it.
They-Would you use *** or *** in making it better...
They-Do you know about Kudankulam. Whats happening? Why they suing the PM?
Me-Said about nuclear plant. People Objecting. I also said that area is in the vicinity of natural calamities i mentioned earthquake,volcano:banghead: actually is volcano, tsunami, landslide. They questioned me by making shocked faces but i said that i had read that the area was prone to natural calamities.
They-Okay. But whats this issue. Why are they suing PM?
Me-The NGOs thing. They nodded. They wanted to hear that i guess
They-Okay you can leave now.

Interview Experience : Decent. They were calm and supportive. Even when i asked them about mentor IIMs and questions regarding my discrepancy in my marks, they were quite helpful

Any other details you want to mention : None

Advice to other candidates : Nothing. Relax.

Verdict : Cant say anything

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10th: 93%
12th: 83.67%
Grad: 69.47%
8 Months Workex

No Call.

Could someone please let me know what all criteria were considered for selection?


Hey Seniors,

This is my profile:

Grad: 69.47%
7 Months Workex in Deloitte Consulting

Could you please tell me what chances i have?

In addition to that i have a few questions regarding IIMU:
1. Since this is a new IIM, how happy are you'll with the faculty in IIMU? In terms of their experience, exposure, the perspectives they bring to the classroom?
2. Just wanted to confirm that IIMI is the mentor IIM for IIMU right? What kind of role does IIMI play in IIMU day to day functioning?
3. This being a new IIM, are you'll getting enough exposure as compared to the other established colleges and brand names ( Older IIMs, SPJIMR, JB, even NMIMS for that matter ) in terms of Competitions/Internships/Other Projects etc
4. Is the location a hindrance to getting placements/faculty etc.
5. Lastly, what is the composition of the batch in terms of Streams?

Hey, same issue as a lot of other people. I gave my NMAT second attempt on the 26th of Dec itself. When i try to check my score, it gives me the results of the first attempt only. Should i wait for sometime or drop the NMIMS guys a mail right away?

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Hey please dont bother answering this, i found out. Stupid me. Should read instructions more carefully. Sorry.


I know im very late and stupid question but can online payment be made only if youre an SBI Account holder? Coz we need to login to OnlineSBI. Please confirm.