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@ candidates who converted today

Can v please know the last rank who converted today (19 March 2009)?
This can pacify (atleast a little) those who missed it today and v can have some transperancy at our end.

Thanks in advance

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I think this is ridiculous.....No transperancy at all...this is disheartening..
My merit rank (as shown on 14th March) is 290...and i havnt made through!!

I simply fail to understand wat they want!!

Wrong post....

QA: 53
DI: 65
VA: 39 :((hope i clear the cut off!!)
OA: 157

VA:29 (did all the RCs . dint try my hand at grammar because of 50% -ve marking)
DI: 23(wasted 12-15 mins on 3 marker n marked nothing):(

good ques selection helped a lot (especially in QA)!!!

my take on cut-offs :
VA: 14-17
DI: 16-19
QA: 8-10
OA: 40-42

ps:dont consider my last simcat marks. OMR wasnt scanned properly



i thought the same for ques 32...

please see the solution for ques 32...
wat say puys ???


My scores:

VA: 37
QA: 24.25
DI : 28.5

OA: 89.75

I think it was really challenging paper!!
QA was tough....real tough !!
In DI i got stuck up in 1st set(1 marker)....did a calculation mistake so had to do the entire set again ..... hence i wasnt able to do the last set(2 marker)

My take on cut-offs:
VA: 17-20
QA: 10-13
DI: 15-17
OA: 47-51

Chitrang Dalal


My answers are:
1. D
2. D
3. E
4. C

Chitrang Dalal

i completely agree with pratee.....although u cant predict the pattern of CAT bt i m certain that such an easy paper wont come!!!
they r just boosting our confidence....n not level!!!