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Hi.. can you please give details about which posts are best for below criteria: (preferably group B and IP posts)

1. Possibility of getting home state posting ( Andhra Pradesh )

2.Finding time to prepare for Civils.

Cat'12 - 92.53 Cat'14 - 93.19 

hi frnds any any good book fr TIER 2 maths and English?????

compared to all other competitive exams i find ssc cgl very sensible..

good gk,english and quant balance...not biased towards any stream of studies..

all hail SSC

nopes buddy, ssc quant section is more biased towards engg. students..
30+ question from trignometry, coordinate and geometry in quant paper evening shift 1.07.12

After disastrous performance in CGL 2012,some thing to cheer abt- done vth pre recruitment formalities of Bank of India.was called @ indore zonal office, where i met Mr. Vicky Kanwar and Mr. Manish Madad(both from Panipat).. teeno ne khoob masti mari indore me do din ..
now waiting fr appointment letter fom Bank of India .......

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shashikant31 Says
Bhai 134 u'll be in top 200.....

134 to paper se pehle expected the, paper ke baad to kuch ata pta hi nhi hai..

After practicising couple of papers and cramming little bit gk, i was expecting a score of-
Maths- 47-48( m from engg. background so maths is very good)
reasoning- 42-44
GK- 20
English- 25
Total- 134-137
begin vth maths section-after looking @ it, i said to my self vaat lg gyi trignometry to dekhi bhi nhi..
then moved to gk- pta nhi kn si duniya se paper bnaya tha..
after looking @ the above 2 sections i was very much sure that SSC CGL 2013 HERE I COME....
bole to no hopes from cgl 2012l..

432rahul Says
bhai mera bhi yahi haal,kuccch samajh nahin aaya kya hua, maths men atak gaya reasoning to fadu aaya tha :drinking:

i begin vth maths section, after looking @ the questions bola ki chalo gk krte hai pehle, gk dekh kr socha ki chalo reasoning hi krte hai pehle after solving 2 questions in reasoning started dng english section ....

" CGL fodne gye the pr cgl ne mujhe hi fod diya"
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45 in gk, how did u prepare???
45 is unbelievable....

Evening Shift paper analysis-
maths sections was the toughest
Resoning- easy
GK- tough
English- Easy

Shift- Evening Shift
Attendance- 11/24
Experience- ssc ko lga daala to lyf hoo la la.
Expectations - not any expectations, will prepare fr cgl 2013 from jan. onwards....