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hi people,
i got calls from imt g and n both at 95.86 percentile...i guess i am the lowest percentiler selected for the pi.
thank god its not clashing with any one...and seniors please guide we have only interview?what is the ratio of seats:calls
thanks in advanve.

hi puys,
my cat score is 95.89 and i called the admission office today.They said i wil get a call from imt n as the cut off is 85.For imt g the cut off is 96+ so i wil not get a call.
I am writing what ever that man told me.Please dont blame me for anyting afterwords.
And like everyone over here i am also still waiting for the final list because until i see it myself I will not be sure.

Anybody having kolkata as centre?

hi puys,
got selected at 95.89...what is the cut off.
what is the weightage given to written test ,pi, gd, work ex and acads.

hi puys,
I got 265(98 percentile) and my interview date is 8th April, morning slot...i.e. 8.30 a.m.
What should be the ideal number of words for sop?
What should be the preperation strategy for GD and PI.
Please help.(Thanks in advance)

hi puys,
I have learnt spanish but i need to practice it as i am forgeting it.Can you please suggest an online forum where i can enhance my skills.Thanks in advance.

hey..i have attempted around 120 questions with atleast 80 percent much can i expect.please reply.

exactly, we are not able to confirm our dates for icfai one is picking up the phone and when we are sending the mail its coming back with the failure notice.if anyone gets any solution please post it.

hey alok please help me as date alloted was 23.i have even booked my travel dates coming under drop down box.

My interview date is 23rd feb.I booked my tickets as when i want to confirm my dates i am not able date is coming in the drop down box,please help.its urgent.