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Overall, my CFA L1 was disastrous! But as bad as it went, i'm gonna keep hope alive until the results come in about 2-3 weeks and be positive. Plain, simple, straigt-forward advice: DO NOT TAKE THE CFA L1 LIGHTLY.

that`s all i can think of now. if you have any specific questions, i`ll try and answer those. best of luck!

PS: mojo, i think your style of writing, the flow of language, and word choice is very impressive...not to mention the perfect punctuation!! (i tend to notice such things a lot!)

Agree totally with CTD.
I also took the exam in June... and my only suggestion is .... DON'T flag anything as unimportant....

The biggest misktake I did was overlook Ethics and GIPS. Overlook in the sense that I thought, " What's the point in revising them when they are more or less about common sense?"

Consequently .. the usual suspects for the toughest parts of the paper viz. Financial Statements Analysis and Investment Instruments were not a problem for me at all cz I had revised it at least thrice.

Ethics on the other hand came as a huge huge surprise for me.

Tip : Use Prof. Aswath Damodarans website. . He is a prf of finace in NYU andhas posted his lessons online.

Anyone here who is taking the June 4 exam at Le Meridian , Bangalore?

Count me in dude.

Cudnt reply since a long time. Neways did u get a calculator? I got some quotes ranging frm 1.85k-2.6k. Neways they say its in short supply.

For all those who want a calci............ post on this thread and we can order it directly.
I guess we'll get some discounts too.
And dont go for the TI BA-II plus Professional one since it costs about 1k more and adds practically no value.
So guys lets get together as CTD has proposed and join hands to reduce efforts and costs. Please post as early as possible.....

I too have to buy the TI BA2 calc. Leme know as to how we can go about it.
I am in Bangalore.
Have not checked the prices here as yet.
Will do it tomorrow.

Most of the US top15 (BW) b-schools have a no co-signer guaranteed loan option.
From my understanding, the b-school would put this loan as the source of funding in the I-20.
Do I still have to have financial statements which ceritfy liquid cash for the 1st yr of the program and availability of funds for the second year?
My question is if I avail of the loan how do I justify my funding in the Visa interview? Do I still have to have a plan of repayment of loan ready with me (not consider a post-mba job)?

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Do any of you know where from we can get the calculators for CFA?

Also, if anyone is interested in pooling in for CFA Level 1 study material from the CFA institute let me know

shyamslash Says
interesting that you say that..but what do we do there has been NO and I repeat no half decent guitar solo even by any new 90s rock band that i have seen on tv or heard on fm..sure there are super thrash/death bands like arch enemy but none in the mainstream..we listen to old bands because most of the new ones are well.. bad...and please do not compare mustaine/hetfield to tool's music..listen to holy wars/hangar 18/master of puppets/seek and destroy to just name four before you compare them to tool...dont think any mainstream rock band can even play the covers of gnr or deep purple...their guitarists just cant play a guitar solo,they dont have the till we get the next deep purple/gnr just haveta have the old the by all puys please try to hear parikramas "vapourize"/mother janes "maya"..awesome and better than any crap on tv for the past decade..

You got me wrong dude ... I am not saying metallica/megadeth et all are all crap.
Fade to black is and always will be my fav song..... I will always keep trying to have a vocal solo over She-wolf's and Dread and the Fugitive mind guitar solo(and fail miserably at that)....

No guitar solos post 90? Petrucci???? Dream Theater will always be one of the most complete band....
and why just guitars.... don't you think Scott Rocenkfield (queensryche) awesome with the skin bashing??? This again is a very 90s band...
And Blind Guardian solos.... they are very much 90s...

Again..... this is not about Metallica and the likes being sissy and all death/melodic/symphonic metal bands being GODS.....that is ABSOLUTELY not the case.......

My point is that every discussion about rock/metal certainly does not begin with Bryan Adams and surely does not end at metallica et al...theres lots more to it....

About Motherjane...... I COMPLETELY AGREE.... i believe that they are the most underrated band in India....have you heard their album Insane Biography??? Awesome is the word....
Why is it that every ROCK Music discussion in India starts and ends at Metallica/U2/Floyd/Nirvana etc.????

Not that Metallica/U2/ Megadeth are bad by any standards..... however there is life beyond that as well.

Listen to Shadow Gallery/Tool/Blind Guardian (i can name tonnes more)

And Linkin Park???? Limp Bizkit??? All their songs are the same. Same screams...same structure.... and monotonous song writing.

The point is that for you to appreciate music ... you cannot keep listening to the same stuff over and over again..

And yes ..... Pink Floyd are overrated .. they are/were good.... not GOD..

P.S : Such and irony that the song currently playing on my comp is Man whi sold the World

CTD and archbishop .....

I have PMed you

denish Says
are you sure about the details ... the site says ... the details are wrong !!

Yup I am sure about them...

Lemme check the admit card again to see if there is a diff Dob that is on it....
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I am not able to check my score...
Can anyone please try it for me..
TR No. 4030220
Dob - 25/08/80

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