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Background :
Civil Engg. (2007 batch) from PEC, Chandigarh.
Running my own NGO/youth org., started in last year of my engg.
CAT 2008 (first time) - 88%ile

Campus Placement :
> Didnt sit for Core (Civil)
> Infosys

Work ex :
> Infy training 3 months @ Mysore campus
> Handlin Business development @ a startup in MBA coachin..7 months (left coz of some little tiff wid one of d directors)
> Handling Business development @ market leader in MBA coachin in d entire region..handling 5 branches..5 months (left coz. the jobrole was largely functional and not satisfactory at all ! )

Problem :

I guess by now, you would've realized what i confused soul i am, realli bad at taking decisions.
Never wanted to go into software/civil or engg. for that matter. Did all, just for parents. But as i saw myself falling for "doing it for d sake of money" trap, i resigned.

Came back, started working for peanuts for a startup. Salary rise followed soon, jobrole was decent and team was great. Most silly thing i could ever do was resign coz. of a little emotional tiff wid one of the directors, jus coz my ego was hurt badly ! I know, what a stupid move, im realizin it now !!:banghead:

Shifted to a better salary/jobprofile/company but the jobrole being largely functional and thus not at all satisfactory to an innovative & independent person like me. Felt like almost workin in a "Sarkari" firm.

So randomnly, packed my bags & went to mumbai, in search of something i realli wanted to do. something i always dreamt of. my so called "true-calling".....ADVERTISING !!

little had i known, that i would again have to start from scratch...i would be least respected for my education -engg. degree or my AIEEE position...i would hv to start as an "executive", doing more of d functional work again and not the "creative" one !! .....d salary i would get (on d excuse of recession) would jus b enough to gt me a decent PG + food mumbai !....

so now, after screwing up my career...i realize that..i still wanna go into Marketing onli....Advertising was mayb jus an 'infatuation' of sorts ...Aam aadmi (even an engineer) ki aukaat nai...i just switch over my jobs like ive being doing...!

So now, i am going to take CAT 09 seriously and hv to gt into a good B-School in '10. Till confused as to :

> I should search for another full-time job with a decent job profile.
> I should just search for another full-time/part-time job to cover up my living expenses.
> I should totally focus on CAT (but do i need the whole day and that too till Nov. for that !>?!?)
> I should study go for a 2-3 month international internship with some decent level firm, just to add that international exposure thing to my resume to cover up the other screw ups ive done.
> I should do some 1 yr. correspondence degree/diploma related to marketing, again for decorating the resume.

What do i do !?!? Im just not able to get away with the guilt of screwing up my career, now that im realizing it all...So, im just not able to concentrate on how to go ahead now !!

Can someone please guide me or share their views on this !

thanks in anticipation

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heya ppl !! :
Preet here...a Civil Engg grad.. 07 passout..frm PEC, chandigarh....wrked in Infosys (Mysore DC) for 3 months...was enjoyin my job, bt didnt see any future in left it !!
always wanted to wrk in rite nw, wrkin wid my dad in his Radio production firm...also searchin fr Media Internships alongside...
nw, i clim d media industry...MBA is i dn hv a media studies background either !!

so... CAT - 2008 is wat i'm also aimin at !!!!!!!!
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hey ppl
this is preet arjun singh ('s a long name) from chandigarh..currently pursuin 3rd year civil engg. from playin guitar n singing along too ..
well jus 4 days back, i finally made up my mind to appear for CAT..yeh, its a bit late as jus less than 8 months left, but i wanted to introspect n then make my decision rather than jus followin the Rat-rACe...
i'm a bit sckeptical as i don knw, if i its really wise to start the prep now..( is it too late!!!!)...all the "addicted pagal's" out there..cud u plz give me some guidance as to whether i shud go for CAT this year or next..bcoz i wanna give it this year n i'm ready to screw up myself for it....
anyways..this is my first msg..hope to be regular on this amazin portal..