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I have been in touch with some current students and alumni. I got pretty decent reviews about the MBA program at Smith but looking at the placement statistics, it seems that the more than 65% of the students are placed in DC. I regard this as a disadvantage as few alumni would be available in rest of US.

What are your views ?

Hey guys,
Any updates on your application status ??

Hey preet
Yep.All fields are in submitted state.
GMAT,TOEFL,Recos,Uploaded docs all are in received status.
How about you?

I am just seeing a record mentioning my application was received on Jan 15. I have sent my GMAT/ Toefl scores in November. I am pretty sure that they would have reached the school by now but dont know why am I unable to see them. Are you using Buzzport to track the status ?

I received an admit from Schulich this morning. The weird thing was that i wasn't even interviewed. Anyone else faced a similar situation?

My profile

GMAT: 750/5.0
TOEFL: 116
GPA: 7/10 from NIT Electrical &Electronics; Engineering
Work Ex: 2.5 yrs in MArket research and analytics at Verizon FIOS
Extracurriculars : good

Apart from my GMAT, i would say my profile is pretty average. Hence a bit surprised abt the admit without an interview. Anyone care to share any insights on this?

Hey Nilanjan,

When did you submit your application?
And did you get any Fee Waiver or GA ?

Yep, Hope we are in 35% :D

Guys, How can we check out whether our GMAT/Toefl scores have reached the school ?

Looking at previous posts, it looks like we should expect invites as late as in April.

Hi Rahul,

Are you able to see the status of the submitted documents (GMAT, Toefl ) in Buzzport portal ?

Hello Bharath,

I think we can continue here... I applied to Georgia Tech on Jan 14. My profile is as follows:
GMAT - 720
Toefl - 110
Work Ex - 4 years in IT
Extra-Curriculars - Good.

Can we all share our profile.

Do we need to mail any financial documents before admission results ?

Hello Everyone,

Just got an admit from Rotman. I am from Hyderabad, would like to connect with everyone about your plans.

Seems like many of us got an admit, but is there anyone who received a scholarship ?? I received an email confirming my admit but it mentioned that "Your admission package will be sent shortly and you will have one month to accept our offer". Does this mean that I have been admitted without scholarship ?

(Would like to connect to those who are in Hyderabad. Plz let me know.)